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5 First-Timers to See at CEDIA Expo 2022

Some of the names may be familiar, but you haven’t been able to experience these products at a CEDIA before.

As we prepare to descend on Dallas for the first full-sized, in-person CEDIA Expo since 2019, we wanted to highlight a few companies that are making their Expo debut in 2022. Some were ready to be there earlier, but Covid had other ideas. Check out these innovative, useful — and, in Natufia’s case, unusual — companies when you get to the show floor.

Juke Audio

Juke Audio

CEDIA Booth #: 2034
Who are you? Juke Audio’s multi-zone streaming amplifier is an all-in-one product used for powering and wirelessly controlling pre-wired architectural speakers across an entire home or building. At the size of a textbook, the unit can drive up to 16 speakers across 8 zones, supports up to 4 inputs simultaneously, and contains modern streaming technology for easy listening from phones/tablets across any combination of rooms over Wi-Fi.
Main Product Offered: Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier
Why should custom installers visit your booth? An opportunity to register as a Juke Audio dealer and begin to carry a unique whole-home audio product that appeals to a wide audience, is easy to install, and reliable in the long run.
For more information:

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Magna Audio

Magna Audio

CEDIA Booth #: 17079
Who are you? Magna is a high-quality and high-performance speaker and amplifier manufacturer with design DNA. Magna’s production is in Brazil, and its speakers are made of aluminum or stones.
Main Product Offered: Magna’s most known product is its Polly 360 bollard with subwoofer and integrated lighting that as awarded a Best of Show from Residential Systems at CEDIA Expo 2021, where we shared a booth. This year, Magna has its own space and will be showing an expansion of the Polly product line. Rock and Aura Series will have new releases at CEDIA, too.
Why should custom installers visit your booth? Magna is the most innovative speaker company in the market as we focus on designer products that integrate into the customer decoration. Architects love our products, and it makes the sell easy.
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Natufia Smart Garden


CEDIA Booth #: 30091
Who are you? Natufia is a leading multi-awarded research lab specialized in high-end smart indoor gardens for every home, community space ,or office. Natufia is going beyond farm-to-fork and provides herbs and plants hyper locally straight to the table. Powered by proprietary Natufia technology, Natufia smart indoor gardens offer unlimited and constant access to healthy, nutrient-dense fresh greens, herbs, and vegetables 24/7/365 freshly grown indoors.
Main Product Offered: Natufia Smart Garden is an innovative fully automated garden for every home, growing nutritious herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables without GMO or pesticides in your home 24/7/365. The machine automatically controls feeding, watering, water pH and nutrient levels, light cycles, humidity, temperature, and air flow. Every unit is IoT. Built-in Wi-Fi system offers its owners the ability to clearly monitor their crops through the machine’s integrated touchscreen or remotely from a smartphone application. The brain creates “perfect” conditions for a different assortment of plants to co-grow. Fully equipped with innovative technology, Natufia’s Smart Garden features real-time data analysis and conditions the machine to quickly process environmental changes and adjust its settings accordingly.
Why should custom installers visit your booth? A generous exclusive discount only during the show days.
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CEDIA Booth #: 1035
Who are you? The Orro Smart Living System is a privacy-focused, smart home system that supports better living by making it easier to manage your home with all the technology built into your walls. This includes intelligent lighting, home-control of your other smart home devices, and intuitive automation that proactively responds and adapts to your life at home. Through human-centric design and powered by learning technologies, Orro brings more ease, energy efficiency and wellness into your life with its adaptive lighting and simple-to-use whole-home control experience. All housed in beautifully designed switches that blend into your home.
Main Product Offered: Orro will be showcasing its entire system, including the Orro One Pro and the soon-to-launch Orro S Pro. The Orro One Pro is where intelligent lighting meets home control. It’s the most intelligent light switch combined with a simple way to take control of your smart home. The Orro S Pro is an intelligent light switch that proactively responds and adapts to you. With built-in sensors and local intelligence, the Orro S puts your lighting on auto-pilot and powers your proactive smart home. It works without any additional hubs. In addition, Orro will be showcasing many of the brands it integrates with, including Control4, RTI,, Sonos, Google Nest, Ring, Alexa, and many more.
Why should custom installers visit your booth? Custom installers should visit the Orro booth to learn how Orro is the most versatile system that can play one or many value-added roles for any of their jobs. They’ll see that Orro is an intelligent, versatile smart home system that proactively controls the lights, unifies the entire home and its devices, and supports a healthier home. Plus, they’ll learn how they can add incremental revenue to any job. Orro is one of the most open and flexible systems in the channel. They’ll see that Orro can be their lighting system for an install, a piece of a larger lighting system, the control system or a piece of a larger control system, their Sonos controllers built into the wall, their Alexa solution that’s built into the wall, a wellness solution, and much more.
For more information:

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Untwisted Tech

Untwisted Tech LLC

CEDIA Booth #: 2041
Who are you? Untwisted Tech LLC is an innovative company with a focus on modernizing the low-voltage industry by designing and selling the finest tools and gadgets. We are also passionate about introducing new methods and protocols to the industry. Following these values, we designed the Untwist Tool.
Main Product Offered: Untwist Tool separates the twisted-pair with a tip and straightens the wires with grooves. Why the Untwist Tool? Our customers have been searching for a better way to separate Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat7 pairs for years. Many installers drag a small screwdriver through the pairs, some spin the cable’s outer jacket through the pairs, and some just untwist the pairs by hand. All three of these methods require continuous use of your fingertips and, on larger installs, can leave your fingertips sore for days. The Untwist tool is simple to use, fast, and eliminates that pain in your fingers.
Why should custom installers visit your booth? To see the live demo of the tool, try it out, and receive a promo discount available only to the CEDIA visitors.
For more information: