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CEDIA Expo Announces Innovation Alley Brands

Exhibitors make show debut and introduce new products.

CEDIA Expo has announced the final list of brands exhibiting in Innovation Alley, the area on the show floor that celebrates new-to-market brands making their CEDIA Expo debut at the 2019 show. All Innovation Alley exhibitors have been in business less than three years and will receive a one-year CEDIA membership.

The Innovation Alley lineup includes:

  • SandTrapAudio, Booth #3154
  • 4AMPS Technologies, Booth #3155
  • Gryphon Online Safety, Inc., Booth #3156
  • Invocasa PosterBits, Booth #3157
  • Inception Innovations LLC, Booth #3159
  • madVR Labs, Booth #3254
  • Zappiti, Booth #3255
  • Emporia Energy, Booth #3257
  • Caavo Inc, Booth #3259
  • Swidget, Booth #3354
  • doqxD, Booth #3355
  • Red Carpet Home Cinema, Booth #3356
  • Hero Labs, Booth #3359
  • A Cloud of My Own, Booth #3455
  • Artio Lifestyle Lighting, Booth #3456
  • CIWare Labs, Booth #3457
  • Copilot, Booth #3459
  • Konnected Inc, Booth #3554
  • Home Assistant, Booth 3555
  • NexusLink, Booth #3557
  • Morpheus 360, Booth #3559
  • Firedome Inc., Booth #3560

Also new for CEDIA Expo 2019, all Innovation Alley exhibitors are automatically entered into the TechStarter program. Brands will pitch products and services to industry leaders for a chance to be chosen as a “TechStarter FIVE”. If chosen, they will participate in media training, interviews, a panel discussion, and a chance to win a $2500 cash prize.

Click here for more information on Innovation Alley and the 2019 exhibitors.

Click here for more information on the all-new TechStarter program.