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Experience a 9.4.6 Home Theater at 2022 CEDIA Expo 

Seymour-Screen Excellence, ASCENDO, StormAudio, and RowOne Entertainment Seating partner to present high-end demo.

With a history of impressive CEDIA Expo home theater demos, this year Seymour-Screen Excellence raises the bar even higher with demo partners Ascendo, StormAudio, and RowOne Entertainment Seating (Sound Room SR2, Dallas, TX Convention Center).

Seymour Sound CEDIA 2022 Demo

Taking centerstage in Cinemascope at 12 feet wide is Seymour-Screen Excellence’s flagship Enlightor-Neo 4K immersive film screen surface. This specialized random knit acoustically transparent 1.0 gain HDR screen surface will be framed by the brand’s Reference Fixed Series and luxurious Infinite Black Velvet borders. Lighting up the screen at 9000 ANSI lumens will be a Barco Residential Njord Cinemascope 5K 3-Chip DLP projector and high-performance TLD+ short throw lens along with a madVR Envy Extreme video processor.

Ascendo will provide the loudspeaker system. The brand’s Time-coherent Coax One-Point-Source loudspeakers will be used for all 15 (ear and height level) channels of this 9.4.6-channel demo. This includes the CCRM12 MKII active LCRs; CCM10-P passive surrounds; and a combination of CCM6-P and Passive Wedge monitors for heights with four active SMSG21 21-inch sealed subs anchoring the bass. The company’s massive 50-inch SMSG50 infrasonic sub will be on display outside the Sound Room.

At the heart of the audio system is French manufacturer StormAudio’s new ISP Elite 24 Analog MK3 Immersive Audio Processor, which offers up to 24 channels of decoding and upmixing of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D, and IMAX Enhanced. Additionally, StormAudio’s Class-D (200-wpc @ 8 ohms) PA 8 Ultra and PA 16 MK3 amplifiers (8- and 16-channel, respectively) are being tapped to drive the Ascendo side, rear, and top channel speakers.

The Sound Room will feature two of RowOne Entertainment Seating’s premium chair styles. This includes the popular Revolution model and new Cortés — unique for its technological and stylistic innovations. Configured in two straight rows of four, with their recline and power headrests and features such as dimmable base rail/cupholder lighting, the RowOne recliners make the experience complete.

This summer the partners collaborated to pre-engineer the room. Onsite audio tuning will be conducted by top acoustics calibrator/HAA instructor Adam Pelz of Bespoke Cinemas and Ascendo partner and R&D/sales/marketing director Geoffrey Heinzel. Fine tuning of video is managed by Seymour-Screen Excellence managing director Chris Seymour and Barco.

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