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Fresh Faces at CEDIA 2021

A selection of first-time exhibitors at CEDIA Expo — and why you should visit their booths.

Each year a number of new companies make the decision to exhibit at CEDIA Expo for the first time because they recognize the value of the custom install marketplace and want to get on the radar of residential integrators. To help them along — and to help installers find new products and services that can help them help their customers — we are presenting this profile of participating first-time exhibitors.

We asked them to answer these three key questions:

  • WHO are you?
  • WHAT products/services are you brining to CEDIA Expo?
  • WHY should custom installers visit your booth?

Here are their replies.

Autoslide Logo

Autoslide; Booth #2835

WHO: Autoslide is a company that designs and manufactures automatic door systems for sliding patio doors, barn doors, pocket doors, and swing doors specifically for homes. Autoslide’s systems improve accessibility and create convenience. Autoslide has been featured on HGTV and in Architectural Digest. Whether you are looking to improve your home’s smart capabilities or simply want to make it more convenient for yourself and other members of your family who have difficulty opening regular-sized traditional hinged doors, Autoslide has an automatic door system just for you.

WHAT: At the CEDIA 2021 Expo, Autoslide will have several products on display: AutoSlide, MultiDrive, and AutoSwing. The AutoSlide was the first product launched and is able to automate a single sliding panel, which could be a patio, barn, or pocket door. The MultiDrive was designed to automate multi-panel door systems, such as bi-parting patio doors. Their newest system, the AutoSwing, is being displayed for the first time and can automate swing doors, such as entry doors.

Autoslide doors

WHY: Autoslide’s automatic door systems are the top pick for automating doors in the home. The company provides increased accessibility, convenience, and safety through the use of their systems. All of their systems do not require purchase of a new door — you can install them on existing doors. Also, if you have customers with pets, they can take advantage of Pet Mode, which allows them to turn their patio doors into automatic pet doors.

Blonder Tongue Logo

Blonder Tongue Laboratories; Booth #2933

WHO: Blonder Tongue Laboratories is a leading designer and manufacturer of telecommunications and cable television video and data transmission and distribution technology. The company offers U.S.-based engineering and manufacturing with an industry reputation of delivering high reliability products, providing service operators and systems integrators, distributors, and dealers with comprehensive solutions for the management and distribution of digital video, IP television (IPTV), and high-speed data services, as well as RF broadband distribution over fiber, IP, and coax networks.

As a first-time CEDIA exhibitor, Blonder Tongue Labs will showcase a range of new technologies to modernize and future-proof video infrastructure, including the recently updated Aircaster AQT8 all-in-one off-air IP or QAM redistribution product, recently released Clearview video encoder and transcoder products lines, high-reliability low-cost fiber transmitter and receiver lines, and the all-new NXG Edge digital video signal processing platform.

Blonder Tongue Aircaster

WHAT: The recently updated Aircaster AQT8 is a 1RU solution to create custom IP or QAM channel lineups from up to eight off-air ATSC 1.0 input 8-VSB frequency sources. The Aircaster can create a full lineup of up to 64 channels or program streams and re-distribute them through a home, campus, or gated community, while eliminating the need for countless digital converters, external splitters, and legacy one-to-one solutions. It offers remote monitoring and control, signal testing, and virtual mapping capabilities.

The NXG Edge is the new edge-ready, 2 RU version of Blonder Tongue’s NXG IP digital video signal processing platform. It enables IPTV or OTT video service redistribution in unicast and multicast formats, as well as QAM and NTSC Analog on any generation of legacy coax or ethernet wiring — without replacing existing infrastructure. It can descramble up to 64 channels per blade, including Widevine, AES, and other formats, or up to 24 channels per blade of Cable Card protected content, and supports other DRM formats as well. The NXG Edge is highly flexible and customizable for customer and property specific needs.

WHY: As a first-time CEDIA exhibitor, Blonder Tongue will showcase a range of new technologies to modernize and future-proof data and video delivery infrastructure. Blonder Tongue’s customizable IP Video, IPTV, and HFC Video distribution technologies for managing and distributing video, high-speed data services, and RF broadband are critical for large residential buildings, multi-dwelling properties, and other facilities that want to deliver advanced video services, such as OTT and IPTV, without the high costs and challenges related to replacing existing equipment. These technologies are essential to custom integrators as they not only simplify and streamline new deployments, but also can significantly extend the life of existing equipment by introducing modern capabilities and features that were previously unsupported.

Demonstrations at the Blonder Tongue booth — #2933 at The Launchpad — will spotlight the company’s latest technologies and new solutions.


ELMO; Booth #4602

WHO: ELMO’s products connect minds, enabling customers to enhance their engagements, learning, information-sharing, and communication with intuitive document cameras, interactive flat panels, room control systems, and other AV devices.

WHAT: For 100 years, ELMO has been associated with safety, trust and excellence.

WHY: By becoming a reseller for the CVAS Entertainment Control System, ELMO says that custom installers can enjoy an easy to program, intuitive touch screen control system that is budget friendly. Resellers will have access to a profitable system controller. With CVAS in their toolbox, they can now offer a sophisticated and affordable room control where they never thought possible. Dealers will enjoy the world-class support, training and, reseller programs.

GDC Logo GDC Technology (USA) LLC; Booth #3133

WHO: GDC Technology (GDC) is a leading digital cinema solutions provider. GDC develops, manufactures, and sells media servers, content storage systems, theater management systems, and network operations center software for the global cinema industry. GDC is a licensee of the DTS:X object-based immersive sound technology from DTS, Inc. for the development of its media servers. In addition, GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps, and silver screens. GDC is the parent company of Espedeo Holdings Limited (Espedeo), a global digital cinema display equipment and solutions provider offering premium commercial and home cinema display solutions, cinema 3D system equipment, and after-sales support service.

GDC Projector

WHAT: GDC will introduce the Espedeo Supra-5000 RGB Plus laser phosphor cinema projector along with the VM-1140 VESA ceiling mount and PM-2000B 3D polarized system. Supra-5000 is a 5000-lumen DCI-compliant projection system certified by Hollywood studios to playback encrypted digital cinema content and suitable for screens up to 20 feet wide. It features patented ALPD 4.0 laser technology to deliver vibrant colors in P3 color space and achieving 98.5 percent of REC2020. It is engineered with GDC’s all-in-one board, which is designed with near-zero maintenance electronics and tested by SGS for 100,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures. Designed with CineCache 2TB built-in solid-state storage and a built-in cinema audio processor, the light engine and lens offer IP5X level of dustproof protection to maintain brightness. It is compact, lightweight and quiet with a noise level below 35 dB(A), making it an ideal ceiling-mounted solution for private home cinemas, yachts, and hotels.

WHY: The Espedeo Supra-5000 RGB Plus laser phosphor cinema projector is the only DCI-compliant projector classified as Risk Group 2, safe to be ceiling mounted without an enclosed hush box or inside a projection booth. GDC will demonstrate the image quality and quietness in Room 116 on September 1 and 2 during show hours.

Juke Audio Logo

Juke Audio; Booth #2831

WHO: Based in Los Angeles, Juke Audio manufactures an all-in-one multi-room audio technology for powering in-wall, outdoor, and ceiling speakers across an entire home/building. First emerging onto the market in November 2019, Juke Audio is a relatively new company that has already resonated in the market, receiving accolades such as CEPro’s 2020 multi-room product of the year.

WHAT: Juke Audio offers a 12- and 16-channel amplifier that delivers clear sound to architectural speakers in residential and commercial settings. Each of the amplifiers have four inputs that can be allocated toward wireless streaming and/or analog inputs. The wireless streaming component is done over a Wi-Fi connection and allows users to stream from their phone/tablet via Airplay, Spotify Connect, etc. to any combination of rooms that they choose through Juke’s software interface.

WHY: Juke Audio is actively rolling out partnership programs with installers across North America. Our offering provides the following three key benefits: The first is a sizeable margin that can be discussed in person. The second is a quick installation process, meaning that jobs take less time to complete. The third is a reliable and innovative product offering that your competition is not yet carrying. This is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others in the marketplace and install a product consumers want and need, while making great money in the process.

K-array Logo

K-array USA; Booth #4808

WHO: K-array is a manufacturer of pro audio solutions with global headquarters in Florence, Italy. Founded in 1990, the company concentrates their efforts and resources in the design and manufacture of highly-efficient audio systems. K-array provides ultra-compact speaker solutions for small-, medium-, and large-scale applications from live sound to fixed installation.

WHAT: K-array USA will be focusing on exhibiting their Azimut systems. Created to accommodate the demands of architects, designers, and homeowners who need a professional audio system without compromising the aesthetics of their project or home, Azimut systems are discreet audio solutions that feature high performance audio technology. Including two loudspeakers, a subwoofer, an amplifier, and a covert remote control, the Azimut is a complete audio solution in a miniature package.

WHY: Although K-array is featuring Azimut, they have a wide range of loudspeakers and systems that could be of further interest to installers and designers who value sleek, discreet, and high-quality products for any indoor and outdoor projects.

L-Acoustics Creations Logo
L-Acoustics Creations vertical logo in color

L-Acoustics Creations; Booth #3501

WHO: L-Acoustics Creations is a division of L-Acoustics, a leader in premium sound systems for live events. L-Acoustics Creations allows end users to bring the concert or nightclub experience home as well as cinema, gaming, and livestreamed content with the performance of pro audio systems specially calibrated for residential use. For integrators, L-Acoustics Creations sound systems and immersive sound spaces represent a new opportunity in the high-end market for clients who truly care about sound as a vector of emotion and wellbeing.

WHAT: The L-Acoustics Creations product range includes sound systems and immersive sound spaces. Sound systems use the powerful building blocks of the company’s pro audio systems to provide sound at home in indoor and outdoor settings, modeled to ensure optimal performance and coverage. Immersive sound spaces such as Island and Ocean offer unique, hyperreal listening for both standard and proprietary formats.

L-Acoustics Island Prestiege
Island Prestige in Villa Marjolaine main reception

WHY: L-Acoustics Creations seeks to find ways to partner over the long term with qualified integrators. We provide a unique range of products with the pedigree of the world’s best nightclubs and music venues, supported by training and technical support to satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles.

Magna Audio; Booth #5044

WHO: All of Magna Audio’s products are designed to integrate into the environment where they will be installed or to become differentials when they need to be noticed. All outdoor or multipurpose speakers are aluminum build and uses stainless steal screw, nuts, and accessories, making the products last longer. In addition to the numerous finishing options available in the catalog, it is possible to customize each of the products, making them fit into any project.

WHAT: Magna’s best-selling product is Polly 360, a bollard speaker with integrated subwoofer and lighting that can cover up to 3000 square feet. The Aura Series is a multipurpose speaker with an integrated light. This series is composed of 3-inch and 6-inch loudspeakers and an 8-inch subwoofer. At the Expo, Magna is showing a Mini 3-inch and a 4-inch version that will be released in 2022. Their Q1 Rock Series have natural Brazilian stone cabinets. It has a 12-inch multipurpose subwoofer version and they are unveiling a full-range model with 250 watts, based on an 8-inch compression driver for outdoor high performance. They are also unveiling an Airplay 2 Multiroom Streamer.

Magna Audio
Avantime / Magna Audio

WHY: Magna offers unique products that provide a sales growth opportunity. Their integrated lighting products, like the Aura Series, can be sold to architects and interior designers. Magna also has outdoor speakers that perform like no other in its price point.

Orro Logo

Orro; Booth #2729

WHO: The Orro Smart Living System transforms any home with automatic human-centric and wellness-oriented smart lighting, home-wide control, energy savings, and home monitoring capabilities. With Orro, offer your customers a unified smart home solution that aligns with any budget, unlocking new opportunities to sell more and grow your business to meet the rising demand for professionally-installed systems at mainstream price points.

Orro One

WHAT: Orro One Pro is a human-centric lighting system that controls the other smart home devices in the home. It feautres automatic lighting that adjusts the light based on presence in the room, natural sunlight, and the client’s preferences. Plus it has built-in intercom and Alexa.

WHY: 2021 is the year that Orro as a company pivoted to focus on the professional installer industry. Orro has been making changes and improvements throughout 2021 to better serve professional installers, including product, software, integration, and GTM enhancements. Come learn how Orro can help your business grow and provide a new offering to your customers with the a human-centric, wellness oriented lighting system.

SkyTechSport Logo

SkyTechSport; Booth #3049

WHO: SkyTechSport makes unique interactive sports simulators that are used by athletes to train all around the world.

SkyTechSport Snowboard

WHAT: SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulator is used by Olympic teams. The machine re-creates real physical forces of snow sports and features virtual reality system. An absolutely realistic experience helps learn to ski and snowboard and practice indoors — all year round and from any location. BotBoxer is the first robot for martial arts designed to be a personal sparring partner. It features high-speed computer vision and AI to track every move. BotBoxer Play! is a new subscription service that turns working out into play. With multiple games to choose from and the latest in augmented reality, let anyone fight and break a sweat trying to knock out their virtual opponent.