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HTSN Tiny Home: It’s Bigger on the Inside

A tour of HTSN’s upgraded tiny home shows the latest smart home tech.

I first toured the HTSN/Nationwide Marketing Group Tiny Home in 2019 at the New Orleans PrimeTime Expo, and I jumped at the chance to revisit the 300-square-foot, trailer-mounted home at CEDIA Expo 2022 to see what improvements had been made. I was not disappointed.

CEDIA 2022 – HTSN – Tiny Home
Photo by John Staley

“It’s a truly magical experience, walking through this Tiny Home and seeing how it all just works,” says Hank Alexander, director of Home Technology Specialists Nationwide (HTSN). “And with all of the new products and upgrades, the Tiny Home serves as a perfect example of how integrators can continue to serve existing clients, bringing them the latest and greatest smart home experience.”

The Tiny Home features products from several key HTSN vendor partners. The first upgrade we noticed was the stylish Samsung Frame TV hanging on the wall that doubles as a fine art gallery, adding a touch of class to the small living area when not in regular use. Upgraded connected GE smart appliances slotted nicely into the kitchen area, and a stacked washer/dryer unit shared space in the bathroom area with a shower and incinerator toilet.

With everything connected through Control4, including the PowerShades automated shades, Google Nest security system, and audio system with Marantz and Klipsch speakers, the HTSN Tiny Home does a fabulous job of showing integrators what’s possible when you bring together partners from across the CI channel.

The only snafu of the tour I experienced was with some of the Philips Hue lighting, which was working properly until the Tiny Home was transported to the show in Dallas.

“Every time the Tiny Home moves, there are challenges that come up—and those challenges only illustrate the need for the expertise of the custom integrator,” Alexander adds. “Even with a smaller space such as this, it demonstrates where today’s consumer doesn’t want to DIY. They want that integration seamless, they want that integration to work. And today’s integrators, HTSN members, and Azione Unlimited members provide that service that, in many cases, we don’t know we need until we experience the failure.”

At 6’3”, I’m not the most likely candidate for a tiny home, but if it comes decked out with all the innovations I saw at the HTSN Tiny Home, sign me up!