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Lutron Set to Go Big at CEDIA Expo 2019

Lutron says CEDIA Expo 2019 is "by far the biggest" CEDIA Expo the company has had in over a decade.

“I have worked here for 21 years now, and I’ve got to say this is by far the biggest CEDIA that Lutron has had in well over a decade,” said Melissa Andresko, chief corporate brand ambassador, at a pre-show briefing she hosted with Lutron co-president Ed Blair. Coming from Andresko, that quote sets some high expectations that Blair is confident Lutron can deliver on.

“The centerpiece of what’s new is the next-generation platform for HomeWorks,” said Blair. “We’re going to be announcing the QSX processor, which is going to elevate HomeWorks and will provide the customer and the integrator with a solution that is unique in the marketplace.”

The next generation of Lutron's HomeWorks.
The next generation of Lutron’s HomeWorks.

The next generation HomeWorks system brings QS wired, QS wireless and Ketra together into a single system, making HomeWorks easier to design, install, activate, program and service. The processor is future-ready, with increased processing power and memory for larger projects, and it is compatible with all existing HomeWorks wired QS and wireless RF devices. And with the addition of the Clear Connect Gateway, it can control Ketra light sources.

“HomeWorks has a ton of great benefits for the dealer community and for the homeowner,” said Blair. “Programming tools are now merging into those single points of control, and we’ll be expanding from 50 devices per hub to 200. With the expansion of our Clear Connect Network–Type X, we’ve developed some new intellectual property that’s going to make control of that many devices world-class from the standpoint of speed latency and everything that matters to the use of those products.”

The concept of integration extends to HomeWorks Designer 16.0 software—which replaces Ketra Design Studio and the Lutron App—which will now support multiple homes and is compatible with QSX-based HomeWorks, Caseta and RA2 Select, as well as Ketra devices.

At CEDIA Expo, Lutron will also be introducing its LED+ technology, which is designed to eliminate the complexity of pairing the right dimmer with the right lighting load, and to remove the guesswork out of needing a neutral wire.

“What LED+ does in both an in-wall dimmer and in a DIN-rail-mounted panel solution is simplify the whole process of LED dimming for the channel,” said Blair. “If you talk to dealers, one of the biggest areas of frustration is to arrive on a job where they don’t control the lighting. Who knows what’s there—is it forward phase or reverse phase? What is the quality of the LED source? Do I have a neutral or don’t I have a neutral? With this new technology, we’re going to allow the integrator to carry one dimmer for the wall and one dimmer for the panel—it’s neutral optional. It also will know the types of loads that you can use—it takes care of all those things that could surprise the integrator when they arrive at the job. They’re now covered with a single device.”

Lutron will also be introducing Roller 64, the next generation of roller for its Sivoia QS family of shades. “With windows getting wider as part of modern design, architects want to hide the roller shade, and they don’t want a big bulky box that impacts the look of the space. With the new Roller 64, a 12- x 12-foot shade can fit into a 4- x 4-inch cross-section.”

New finishes for Lutron’s Palladiom shade brackets and keypads will also be on display at CEDIA Expo.

Clearly, Andresko was not exaggerating about the wealth of technology Lutron is introducing at the show. If you want to see how it all fits together, Lutron’s booth is hosting a “Luxury Sanctuary,” which, according to Blair, will “take the dealer community through use cases that bring these solutions together.”

For more info, visit Lutron at Booth 2501.