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sonnen and PanTech Design Announce Adapt Energy Panel

New features and additional integrations for Adapt Energy announced.

Sonnen, Inc. and PanTech Design have announced the next generation of energy automation with Adapt Energy and the sonnen ecoLinx intelligent energy management system. Originally launched at CEDIA Expo and Solar Power International in 2018, Adapt Energy expands energy management into the home automation market by enabling ecoLinx integration with Crestron and Control4 systems. This year, sonnen and PanTech Design return to both trade shows with significant additions in software and hardware functionality.

From the beginning, Adapt Energy and sonnen ecoLinx provided features such as severe weather tracking and response, configurable backup power reserve, and intelligent load management. At CEDIA Expo and SPI 2019, PanTech Design is unveiling the Adapt Energy Panel, an industrial-grade hardware solution that provides direct circuit breaker control. This gives the Adapt Energy and ecoLinx duo greater load management capabilities to power down loads during peak demand times and ahead of a power outage which enables the ecoLinx backup reserve to charge faster.

Another addition to the ecosystem is native integration with Curb energy monitoring. Curb brings real-time data on energy use at an individual circuit level directly in the Adapt Energy app. Further historical detail can be accessed in the Curb app. Homeowners will be able to leverage this rich data to make informed decisions about energy consumption and effective use of stored backup power during power outages.

PanTech Design and sonnen will also be showcasing new scheduling functionality and native Nest and Ecobee setpoint control. These features enable homeowners to manage daily energy consumption by adjusting temperature to pre-cool the home and power down devices during peak demand times to reduce grid strain and enhance ecoLinx’s time-of-use functionality.

Sonnen, along with PanTech Design, will be showcasing a live demonstration of Energy Automation at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO, September 12-14 (Booth 3547) and Solar Power International in Salt Lake City, UT, September 23-26 (Booth 2909).

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