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CT in 2020 and Beyond

Steve Koenig, VP, research, CTA, and Lesley Rohrbaugh, director of research, CTA, presented a session titled “2020 Tech Trends to Watch” at CES 2020.

On Sunday afternoon, Steve Koenig, VP, research, CTA, and Lesley Rohrbaugh, director of research, CTA, presented a session titled “2020 Tech Trends to Watch” to a room packed full of media—all of whom were anxious to get a preview of what was to come on today’s show floor opening and where the CT industry is going in the new decade.

Koenig began by giving a new interpretation of IoT, or “Internet of Things.” In 2020, he says IoT will become “Intelligence of Things.” The reason for the evolution is that AI now permeates every facet of commerce and culture. “Culture is really interesting,” said Koenig, “because we are talking about technology’s influence on human behavior.”

Steve Koening, CTA
Steve Koenig, VP, research, CTA, presents 2020 Tech Trends to Watch at CES 2020.

As an example of AI permeating the culture, Koenig spoke about the McDonald’s drive-thru. The drive-thru operator has a lot to manage—getting the order right, completing the transaction, and fulfilling the order. All to a customer that, by the nature of the drive-thru, is in a hurry. Adding intelligence at the first step of taking the order frees up the human to provide better service.

Naturally, 5G continues to be a trend to watch, with 5G handset shipments rolling out in 2020. By 2022, the market is expected to flip, with two-thirds of users making the switch from 4G to 5G.

But handsets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 5G. Look for enterprise and agricultural uses of 5G throughout the show floor. The speed of the network opens the doors to many opportunities, including remote health care, traffic safety, irrigation, and providing a solution to the problem of food scarcity.

5G will bring in tremendous amounts of data, and AI and machine learning will help us understand it all, taking large amounts of data and analyzing it in real time.

2020 will also see the fulfillment of the promise of smart home tech—where the home takes care of the occupant, and not the other way around.

Other trends include a facelift for experiential reality (XR) innovation, which now provides a 360-degree experience with visuals and audio. The form factors have also changed, with sleeker glasses, and more use cases emerging. AR and VR influences in B2B include workforce training, architects using AR glasses to design a room in real time, and new travel and tourism innovations using AR/VR.

Among the uses for AR/VR is gaming, which will have a big presence at CES. Esports and cloud gaming have all come on strong in 2019, and show no signs of stopping with Apple, Microsoft, and Google launching their own cloud-gaming platforms.

Rounding out the trends are evolutions in transportation, digital health, robotics, and resilient tech, which helps communities recover from disasters.

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