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LG Looks to Create ‘Anywhere Is Home’ AI-Powered IoT Ecosystem

CES 2020, LG is urging the consumer technology industry to embrace the company’s vision to create an AI-powered IoT ecosystem to make “anywhere feel like home.”

LG is urging the consumer technology industry to embrace the company’s vision to create an AI-powered IoT ecosystem to make “anywhere feel like home.”

At its CES 2020 press event, LG Electronics president and CTO Dr. I.P. Park presented an open framework concept dubbed AIX—combining artificial intelligence (AI) and the user experience (UX) with the company’s ThinQ IoT platform as the foundation. LG’s ultimate goal for AIX is to create a cohesive IoT everywhere system that ties together disparate products in disparate product categories including smart home, smart TVs, smart cars, and home appliances, to “carry the essence of awareness wherever you go and whatever you do,” Park said.

LG's Dr. I.P. Park at CES 2020
LG Electronics president and CTO Dr. I.P. Park at CES 2020.

But Park noted LG can’t create this “anywhere is home“ AIX ecosystem by itself. “It is important to share a structured framework for the development of AI across the industry so that we may create a meaningful impact on the lives of customers we serve,” he explained.

Park presented AI partner Element AI and its CEO and co-founder Jean François Gagné to present a four-level AIX framework: efficiency/functionality, personalization, reasoning, and exploration. Park and Gagné stated that the first level has been mostly achieved, and research is continuing to imbue AIX with more advanced and “daring” learning, reasoning, predictive, and proactive conversational capabilities keyed to each user.

“We need to rethink and remake consumer electronics as an industry [with AIX],” Park stressed, “Not just an improvement, but a transformation of our business, from just selling to connecting with customers.”

LG CES 2020 Product Intros

LG also used its CES event to introduce new appliances and TV products and services. For instance, the company announced the broad rollout of its complimentary AI-powered LG Proactive Customer Care, what it claims is an industry-first personalized customer support innovation for smart home appliances. The service can alert owners of compatible LG smart appliance models to potential problems before they occur, expedite repairs when needed, and offer maintenance tips to keep appliances at peak performance. The company says the service is available now for more than 70 Wi-Fi enabled LG smart appliance models, and further enhancements and expanded models will be announced in the coming months.

LG also unveiled its second wave of its “real” 8K OLED TVs—eight new models including 65- and 77-inch sets to complement last year’s 75- and 88-inch versions. Also announced was a new wall-mountable Gallery series of 4K TVs in 55-, 65- , and 77-inch varieties that sit nearly flush with a wall, extending out a mere 0.79 inches (20mm). All new 8K and 4K models will include the new NextGenTV (ATSC 3.0) tuners, and the new Filmmaker Mode. LG’s head of home entertainment marketing Tim Alessi also said the company would start selling its roll-up OLED TV—unveiled with great fanfare at last year’s CES—sometime mid-year.

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