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Chromis Fiberoptics Awarded DPL Labs 4K Seal of Approval

Digital Testing Laboratory Certifies Procerus4K Series HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cables

DPL Laboratories Inc., the digital testing laboratory specializing in the performance assessment of digital signaling solutions such as HDMI cables, has issued its DPL Seal of Approval to Chromis Fiberoptics for its new Procerus4K Series HDMI 2.0 active optical cables (AOCs), made from patented GigaPOF graded-index polymer optical fiber.

According to Jeffrey Boccaccio, president of DPL Labs, “Over the course of the last year many low-power HDMI fiber optical cables have been submitted for testing and failed to meet DPL limits. Chromis has become one of the few fiber companies that has achieved the stringent DPL performance standards.”

According to DPL, cables that meet or exceed its standard of excellence offer far better performance and longer-term reliability than typical HDMI cables.

A new entry to the AOC market, Chromis is coming out of the gate strong with this certification. “We are committed to helping custom installers manage the challenges of UHD video distribution. There are a bewildering array of solutions at their disposal, each with unique benefits and disadvantages,” said Frank Graziano, CEO of Chromis Fiberoptics. “GigaPOF AOCs are a great addition to the custom installer’s toolkit – simple, compatible and reliable.”

For more details on the models tested and approved by DPL, see: