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D-Tools Expands System Integrator Training in 2016

D-Tools is expanding the number of multi-day regional System Integrator (SI) training events it will run in 2016.

D-Tools is expanding the number of multi-day regional System Integrator (SI) training events it will run in 2016. A major focus of its Professional Services Group, the regional training events are designed to encourage broader use and impart deeper understanding of the feature set of D-Tools SI software. Course instructors will walk attendees through the entire D-Tools feature set over each three-day event. Instruction will cover the proper implementation and management of product catalogs; leveraging packages and project templates to increase operational efficiencies; and leveraging project data across the entire project lifecycle, from proposal and engineering through project and installation management. The course will also cover extensive tips, best practices, and market-proven techniques to help users maximize their investment in and use of the SI platform.

“We introduced the Professional Services Group to help D-Tools users realize the full potential of the System Integrator platform,” says Tim Bigoness, VP of sales and marketing for D-Tools. “These regional training events help our users get hands-on instruction and the opportunity to network with other members of the D-Tools user community, which facilitates a deeper understanding of the platform and helps users take advantage of its full potential.”

The current schedule of D-Tools System Integrator Training events include:

May 4—6, 2016, at the Danubius Hotel Regents Park, London, UK

May 18—20, 2016, at the Hotel Indigo Atlanta, GA – Vinings—Sold out

June 9, 2016 at InfoComm in the Las Vegas Convention Center

June 13—15, 2016 at the ALR (Advanced Lighting Representatives) Headquarters, Oakland, CA

System Integrator Training Course Schedule

Day One—Introduction

Users will learn how to custom-configure the software package to best suit the needs of their company; how to build and manage their product database; manage revisions and change orders; better understand how to exploit the reporting engine; and be introduced to tips and best practices.

Day Two—Product Documentation.

Trainees will get valuable hands-on experience creating comprehensive D-Tools documentation, including Microsoft Visio introduction, line diagrams, floor plans, elevations, schematics, and installation reports, as well as revision management and change orders.

Day Three—Advanced Skills and Management Processes

The last day will take users through advanced skills and management processes, such as custom reporting and an introduction to mobile install, which gives users the power to publish install tasks and service orders to a portal powered by the D-Tools Cloud that can be accessed anywhere and can be used to send and receive device-level notifications. Attendees will also be shown how to integrate D-Tools with QuickBooks to streamline accounting processes for attached D-Tools projects. The training will close with a walk-through mobile quote, which enables users to specify products and generate documents and quotes from any jobsite in the world.