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ELAN g! 6.4 Software Expands IR Library Database

ELAN Home Systems has released its ELAN g! 6.4 Software, which promises to reduce installation time.

ELAN Home Systems has released its ELAN g! 6.4 Software, which promises to reduce installation time.

The g! 6.4 release boasts a massive expansion to the IR library database, offering an accurate standardized IR code set and simplifying installation for ELAN dealers. The software update is also packed with new drivers for security, climate control, DVR’s, NVR’s, I/O adaptors, signal routing products and a new one-way interface for Kaleidescape Media Servers.

“ELAN is dedicated to helping our dealers complete jobs quickly and painlessly,” Robert Ridenour, ELAN brand manager said, “and the ELAN g! IR library expansion does just that by creating a simpler, faster installation process. Through a new partnership with Only One Remote, the ELAN IR Database delivers the most complete and accurate IR code set available today. We believe g! is the best control system on the market, and we will continue to enhance the core functionality and grow the driver database with all the must-have features and third-party products that our dealers and users demand.”

According to Ridenour, the g! system is the easiest, most user-friendly control system on the market, and the new core features and third-party drivers expand the system’s selling features to make it the industry’s most marketable home control system.

“By constantly adding features and third party drivers we are giving dealers and users more reasons to install and expand the ELAN g! system,” Ridenour said. “With added support for products from Kaleidescape, Heatmiser, Lutron and several others, we are making the g! system even easier to integrate, lowering the total cost of installation, and allowing for more user choice.”

The g! system now supports integration with an even larger pool of third-party devices including SnapAV DVRs, NVRs and cameras, Coolmaster and Heatmiser climate systems, security systems including Honeywell, DSC, Paradox and Texecom Premier Elite 48, Wyrestorm HDMI matrix switchers, Kaleidescape media servers, Lutron Radio RA2, QS, QS International and the new Atlona 6×6.