Legrand Presenting ‘Productive Outdoor Spaces’ Findings at Greenbuild

At Greenbuild Conference, the Company is Sponsoring an ‘Education Lab’ Session About the Future of Outdoor Space Design for Commercial Projects
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Legrand North and Central America is looking to bring the “outdoors inside” at this year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. The company is sponsoring an Education Lab in the Expo Hall about the future of outdoor space design for commercial projects. It will highlight research findings and offer examples of how professionals can successfully extend the footprint of sustainable buildings into the outdoors.

The session will take place on November 8 and 9 2017 in booth L425 located in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Education Lab attendees will receive 1-credit hour from GBCI, as part of the organization’s recognition of excellence in green business industry performance and practice.

Titled, “Creating Powerful, Productive and Sustainable Outdoor Spaces,” the session will explore society’s desire to seek nature and how that has translated to the development of new indoor technologies that enable better access to outdoor views, lighting in sync with circadian rhythms, and use of natural materials. The session will also highlight how the ever-growing mobility of smart devices, such as phones and tablets, has increased the demand for safe, functional and sustainable outdoor spaces for work and socialization.

“We’ve moved beyond just sitting in cubicles or office spaces under the hum of florescent lights,” said Julia Lundquist, global account manager, Legrand North and Central America. “As a society, we’re on the move and use the world around us as our conference room or relaxation space. It’s important for architects and builders to understand this as they take on projects and explore the options that are available. Our goal for this session will be to share research findings, as well as present our vision of the future of outdoor spaces and how they’re changing the meaning of high performance and sustainable buildings.”

Highlights of the Education Lab session include information about the human need for nature and its impact on human productivity and health; the current demand for enhanced outdoor space and the evolving definition of high performance and sustainable buildings; organizations that are developing outdoor spaces and their key transformation drivers, including attracting and retaining talent; and changes in power, light, and data technology that make possible functional, safe, sustainable, and productive outdoor spaces.

To learn more about the Education Lab session please visit Legrand Education Lab Schedule . For more information on GreenBuild 2017 visit GreenBuild Expo