Slateplan Simplifies Selling Home Technology

Slateplan Will Demo its New Software at CEDIA EXPO 2015
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Slateplan, a Silicon Valley startup formerly known as Sympl, has developed a software product for the home technology industry designed to dramatically improve the home technology sales process. Slateplan will demonstrate this new software at CEDIA EXPO 2015 in BOOTH RR11. 

“Customers are initially excited to design their home technology systems,” said Scott Marchand, CEO and co-founder of Slateplan. “However, the process of choosing products and developing budgets can be incredibly time-consuming and complicated. Slateplan software solves this problem.”

Slateplan has reinvented how home technology is designed and sold. Slateplan’s intuitive, floorplan-based design approach dramatically improves the process for both the salesperson as well as for the customer. 

Slateplan software invites collaboration, instantly adjusts scope and budgets in real-time, shows the client what they should be spending on technology, and helps close the deal in the very first meeting. The software is so intuitive and easy to customize that a salesperson and their client can build a comprehensive home technology design in less than an hour.

“Slateplan enables integrators to strike while the iron is hot, leading to more sales and a better client experience,” said Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools.