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Shelly Academy Offers ‘Shelly Scripting Advanced’ Course

The course is a continuation of the “Shelly Scripting Basics Course” and begins on March 14.

The newest course “Shelly Scripting Advanced” by Shelly Academy provides an opportunity for students to extend their knowledge of the world of IoT, while learning more about Shelly devices and their capabilities. The advanced edition will start on March 14 until April 16, 2024. The application form can be find here:

Shelly Advance Scripting Webinar

“Shelly Scripting Advanced” is a continuation of “Shelly Scripting Basics” course, covering more complex topics such as version control, data structures for efficient processing, the software infrastructure of Shelly devices, communication protocols for enhanced connectivity, the essential components powering Shelly devices, authentication and authorization, and integrating Shelly devices with third-party services.

“Nearly 700 participants from around the world completed the first two installments of Shelly Academy in 2023,” says Mircho Mirev, head of integrations at Shelly Group. “This is a testament that Shelly Academy is a valuable source of training and information on the theory and practical skills of using advanced Shelly features. Following the success of ‘Shelly Scripting Basics,’ we now expand the curriculum with an advanced course that will allow students to unlock the full potential of our platform. ‘Shelly Scripting Advanced’ is suitable for enthusiasts looking to build local automations for their homes as well as for professionals handling big automation projects. We are confident that Shelly Academy and the course ‘Shelly Scripting Advanced’ offers a great opportunity to discover what each single Shelly device is capable of as well as to plan and build great solutions.”

“Our partnership with Shelly has been nothing short of extraordinary, and its success is deeply rooted in our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in education,” says Luben Lubenov, co-founder and business development director at SoftUni Global. “Together, we’ve created a synergy that goes beyond traditional training models. What sets this collaboration apart is our unwavering focus on not just imparting knowledge, but fostering a transformative learning experience. Participants don’t just learn; they become adept at implementing custom solutions to real-world challenges in the IoT world of Shelly. The additional value for our participants lies in the practical application of knowledge, real-world problem-solving, and a holistic approach to professional development. This partnership isn’t just about education; it’s about empowering individuals to thrive and lead in a rapidly evolving landscape, and that, to me, is the true measure of success.”

“Shelly Scripting Advanced” is designed for people with previous experience in JavaScript programming and Shelly Scripting, whether gained through personal practice or the Shelly Scripting Basics course. The content is particularly tailored toward those looking to delve into more advanced Shelly topics and it’s suitable for both enthusiasts looking to automate their homes and professionals handling big home automation projects. After the completion of “Shelly Scripting Advanced,” participants will receive an official certificate from Shelly Academy and SoftUni.

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