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Luxury Week: Case Study – Invisible Tech in Central London

Finite Solutions provide discreet AV and smart home solutions to a partially developed smart home in London.

Luxury Week 2023 Bug – Presented by Sony

U.K.-based integration firm Finite Solutions’ clients were thrilled to acquire an amazing central London duplex, which had been left partially developed by two previous owners eight years ago but never finished.

They wanted a smart home automation solution that would be powerful enough to control the blinds and curtains, lighting, door entry systems, heating and cooling, and home entertainment systems without having to replace the existing cabling. As this property was home to many treasured pieces of art, they also needed a discreet solution; one where technology could remain completely hidden. Finite Solutions provided them with a smart yet discreet solution that fits their needs perfectly.

Case Study - Finite Solutions - Living Room

Having Control4 and Lutron systems in their previous home, the clients were especially pleased to have them featured in this project — these two systems are at the core of the technology solution. By integrating Control4’s powerful automation solutions with Lutron’s advanced lighting control, Finite created a single-touch system that allowed for simple control of all their home’s features.

Case Study - Finite Solutions - Media Room 

The Solution

To ensure the most subtle and discreet look, Lutron keypads were installed in White Palladium throughout the property, alongside Control4 touch panels that were flush-mounted into the walls.

Case Study - Finite Solutions - Wall Panel

To ensure discretion and easy access to music in the key areas of the building, Sonos streaming via Sonance in-ceiling and plaster-in speakers were implemented. For a high-quality music experience during entertaining, a pair of active B&O floorstanding speakers were installed in the main living area — adding an extra level of sophistication that complements the wider room design perfectly.

All TVs are connected through Wyrestorm 8 Zone 4K video switching, allowing all screens to view Sky, CCTV, and Apple TV with just one click. Additionally, Silent Gliss blinds and curtains have been provided for most windows in order to ensure privacy during the day and a comfortable blackout atmosphere at night.

Case Study - Finite Solutions - Control Panel

The Control4 Smart system provides simple control over the following functions:

  • TV and music systems
  • The hidden, drop-down cinema system
  • Door entry
  • Heating and cooling via a Janus integration driver to the BMS system
  • Silent Gliss blinds and curtains
  • Lutron lighting
  • Texecom Intruder Alarm

The End Result

The final result of the project is truly stunning. All TVs, barring the ones in the bedrooms, are completely out of sight, and the integration with the existing architecture and interior design has been done with great precision.

The clients have found that the automated system makes their home much more comfortable, easier, and convenient to live in due to its ability to handle the scale of rooms and windows, as well as the complex layout of the building.

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