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Going Forward


Legrand’s Brand Strategy

Legrand, known primarily in the custom channel as the parent company a growing list of home integration brands, including Nuvo, On-Q, Middle Atlantic, Vantage,...


Selling Service Agreements

The survival of custom integration as a trade might be contingent upon the industry’s evolution into customer-centric service operations with a focus on personalized...


Applied Training

Acoustic Architects uses the ESC certification Pre-Test Assessment to screen and evaluate job applicants.


A Faster Smart Host

Savant went to its annual integrators conference Austin, TX, last month to unveil a smaller, single-chassis version of its Smart Host home-automation controller and...


Advancing Eco-Audio

With news last month that audio industry veteran Eli Harary was launching a new luxury brand called AudioXperts, a few details of what the...


Taking Total Control

In May 2011 URC director of business development Mitchell Klein said that his company’s new Total Control line of IP-based AV distribution products would...


Are You In It to Win It?

For CEDIA members looking for an inexpensive way to get ahead marketing their expertise to potential clients, it’s time to consider a “lifestyle” change.


Smarter Storage

Network routers and storage devices may not be the most glamorous products in the consumer electronics industry, but they play an essential role in...


Anniversary Additions

Fans of Mark Levinson products can celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary with four new additions that mark its re-entry into product segments that it...


DVR on Steroids

Opposed to cable companies that concentrate their businesses on multiple services, including phone and internet, “All we focus on is the DVR experience,” said...


Bringing 4K Home

High-end home theater projectors have been facing an increasingly tougher marketplace lately, with three separate sales challenges.


A Quantum Leap

The Harman High Performance Audio Video (HPAV) group is building up its Lexicon line with the brand’s first home audio product incorporating proprietary QuantumLogic...

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