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Inside CINEAK’s Showroom

Life is lived large in Los Angeles. From Beverly Hills to Manhattan Beach, to the glamorous star-studded Hollywood Hills, it is a film-industry town built on luxury and lifestyle.

Life is lived large in Los Angeles. From Beverly Hills to Manhattan Beach, to the glamorous star-studded Hollywood Hills, it is a film-industry town built on luxury and lifestyle. Nowhere is that more apparent than seating manufacturer CINEAK’s by-appointment-only loft in the heart of Hollywood. The showroom is situated high atop a landmark building on the world-famous corner of Hollywood and Vine, and A-list celebrities, sports figures, industry executives, and other Hollywood heavyweights have already frequented the space.

Alvin Hellemans and Andy Willcox working in the multi-functional Hollywood loft.

“We have approximately 25 dealers in Southern California…they love coming to the loft because a significant number of dealers no longer have showrooms,” said Alvin Hellemans, CINEAK’s president and founder. “They need a place they can bring their clients that looks like the lifestyle they enjoy or the one they aspire to. We are strong believers in lifestyle versus retail; clients need to experience the loft.”

Indeed, it’s an agnostic space that is very comfortable. Everything works together beautifully and the space doesn’t scream tech. It is elegantly designed with a contemporary edge and dramatic views of Los Angeles and the hills–a space where everyone can feel welcome.

The home theater vignette has a more modest display and Steinway Lyngdorf front channel speaker array, while a projector and screen can fire up via Savant control. CINEAK lifestyle seating completes the space.

In addition to CINEAK’s well-known theater seating, the company’s other luxury seating options are in abundance and featured in mini vignettes around the space. Included are a high-end audio scenario and a home theater option that would be a welcome addition in any Beverly Hills home.

“We recognize that LA is the most compelling market for what we do; it is the epicenter of the entertainment industry,” said Andy Willcox, VP of sales. “Everyone has a serious home theater or entertainment center. We opened in December and the very first day there was a dealer here, and they haven’t stopped coming since! We realize there is nothing like this in Southern California. Savant’s location in New York is as close as it gets.”

Steinway Lyngdorf audiophile speakers and the Naomi chair are part of another room idea.

CINEAK partners in the space with Steinway Lyngdorf, Savant, Sonance for LaunchPort, Christie Projectors, and Seymour Screen Excellence.

“The benefit of partners is tight ideas and leads, and lots of industry brainstorming,” Willcox noted. “The loft represents long-term opportunities for our partners. This is the beginning of a major growth mode, and we plan to replicate the loft and this experience in other major U.S. cities.

Hellemans said the goal is to work even more closely with the design community, like a true team. “It’s a different way of doing business,” he said. “It’s also going to be an event space for all of the disciplines, i.e, architects, interior designers, building designers, and others, to hang out and have a real live high-end experience.”

Hellemans wants CINEAK to be known for more than just theater seating. The company actually designs and builds a wide variety of seating types, boasting a global business in 55 countries. “It’s a 16-year-old family business with my father, who handles most of the sales for Russia, Europe, and the Middle East, and my brother Kim who is our chief designer,” he explained. “My family was involved in home theater in Europe for years. We truly started CINEAK because we saw a need for high quality lifestyle and home theater seating.”

The company also has brought technology to seating with its CINEAK Intelligent Control (CIC) automation module. With CIC, you can automate and control the dual motorized recline/incline mechanism and articulating motorized headrest from a home automation control system.

“Most chairs in the marketplace only have one motor,” Hellemans said. “Our chairs have three motors to control the articulating leg rest, headrest, and backrest separately. Our seating works with any control system. They’re even controllable from even our Apple Watches!”