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Making Lives a Bit Easier

Rachelle Friedman’s life changed forever in 2010 when a prank at her bachelorette party caused her to hit her head on the bottom of...


Keys to the Door

Jason Williams, general manager for Yale Locks & Hardware’s residential group, acknowledges that integrators at all levels are being forced to grapple with the...


Seamless in Seattle

Located in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Seattle, the Station at Othello Park is a large 420,000-square-foot, mixed-use facility offering 351 luxury...


Show-off Space

From Manhattan to Memphis, Kansas City to California, designer show houses, meant to impress potential clients with the skills of interior designers as well...


Crash, Boom, Bam!

I’ve been guilty in the past of saying that explosions and carnage do little to show off a speaker system’s fidelity, but let’s face...


Protect and Provide

In my experience teaching system integrators how to structure and realize the benefits of service contracts for CEDIA University, one topic that typically receives...


Going from Good to Great

It’s not quite Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and there probably won’t be a dramatic “move-that-truck reveal” moment like on that ABC reality show, but...


Is CEC the Next Big Thing?

There’s more than a little confusion about CEC, the “Consumer Electronics Control” standard, built into most residential HDMI devices.


Tackling Commercial Projects

There’s always been a bit of crossover from residential AV integration into light commercial, but as the housing market dried up and economy sputtered,...


Right from the Source

What if you turned in a customer service review to the integration company that installed your home media center, and in return, you received...


Six Degrees of Separation

One or two of you may have recognized that “The Demo Scene” was born from the ashes of my regular column at another—nowdefunct— publication.


Truly Custom

Brian Rockett is not the kind of guy who throws tantrums when things don’t go as planned. Seemingly impossible challenges don’t appear to rattle...


Great Musical Moments

To quote a recent blog post from my friend John Sciacca, “Few things in life have the power to trigger memories and instantly transport...


It’s All About The Experience

Over the years, savvy custom integrators have realized that the “lifestyle” or “experience” presentation is essential to a successful integrated home system sale.


Product Design Favorites

As the economy continues to struggle to find a path to recovery, the specialty CE and CI markets also have experienced significant challenges and...

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