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Speaking with One Voice

This year, IPRO is celebrating 20 years as an organization, while next year, CEDIA will be celebrating its 20-year mark as well. Isnt it...


Why Were Not Done Yet

In our industry, its easy to miss something. However, one thing Im noticing is that the best people, organizations, and companies among us are...


A Look in the Mirror

Several years ago I read a book on diet and exercise that recommended placing a bag with eyeholes over ones head and standing in...


Walking the Walk

The Independent Professional Representatives Organization (IPRO) 17th Annual Conference just concluded with record attendance in Nashville, Tennessee. For many of us in the rep...


What is Your Mind Set?

Among my current reading choices is a book published last year by John Naisbitt of Megatrends fame. The book, titled Mind Set! Reset Your...


A Reps Greatest Value

A key point often overlooked by both dealers and manufacturers is the level to which good sales representative organizations provide market insight and advice....


Your Best and Brightest

A few years ago, in preparation for a CEDIA Regional event coming to my territory, I spent a fair amount of time on behalf...


House Rules

A Closer Look at the Evolving Relationship Between Production Home Builders and Custom Integrators


Converging Fields of Interest

Last year, I asserted that convergence in our industry had become a collision. Reflecting on the experiences of this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES),...


Trade Partners

System Integrators are Learning to Collaborate with Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers


Your Market Ambassadors

This year is providing us all with a blast of change, challenge, and new opportunity. This months column follows my return from the 16th...

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