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NuVo Wireless Audio Product Caters to Custom Integrators

There’s no denying the runaway success of Sonos and the many generations of its wireless audio system, but until recently, the custom integration channel’s options in this category were somewhat lacking.

NuVo Technologies new Wireless Audio System, App, and GatewayThere’s no denying the runaway success of Sonos and the many generations of its wireless audio system, but until recently, the custom integration channel’s options in this category were somewhat lacking. The most recent addition, the NuVo Wireless Audio System from the Hebron, KYbased manufacturer, hopes to give the channel another reliable solution, purpose built for CIs.

Applying a flexible modular design with two interchangeable wireless zone amplifier options, in the P100 (40 watts) and the P200 (120 watts) players, the NuVo Wireless Audio System can start with a solitary zone, while allowing for quick and easy expansion to additional zones. Also available is the NuVo P3100, which operates three zones from one rack-mountable, wired unit, which can be used in conjunction with the wireless player options for an incredible degree of customization, meeting the demands of any homeowner’s design, budget, or timeline.

The product was originally introduced at CEDIA EXPO 2011 and then a year later, it was still in beta. Following the late autumn 2012 ship date, NuVo president David Rodarte explained what took so long to get the product released.

“The thing about actively innovating is, you don’t know what you don’t know until you get there,” he said. “Obviously, we always want to bring our latest and greatest ideas to market as swiftly as possible, but the top priority is releasing a product or feature that we are completely certain will meet, or exceed, our customers’ high expectations of great quality and value. We were committed to launching the NuVo Wireless Audio System as a high-performing and feature-rich solution, and to do so, we had to execute a careful dance of both continuous innovation and rigorous testing. It took longer than initially expected, but the result is a system we are tremendously proud of, and we hope our customers will agree.”

Featuring an all-in-one approach, the player devices are equipped to stream content from network-stored audio, analog sources, and several internet radio services, rendering additional source equipment unnecessary. The P200 also employs the aptX audio codec, which provides “wired” quality Bluetooth stereo audio, furthering the system’s content variety.

The NuVo Wireless Audio System offers lossless audio delivery (including highresolution FLAC files) and the highest-grade of synchronization technology, for perfectly timed audio even when playing a tune throughout all zones. The system’s wireless connection is preserved through use of the NuVo Gateway, which connects to the home router and establishes a secure line of communication between players and distributes the audio. Controlling all zones is handled through a control app, available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets, and the system has been designed for simple third-party connectivity, integrating into home automation systems for a cohesive custom whole home solution. A Control4 driver for full control is being offered through Extra Vegetables, at

The NuVo Wireless Audio System starts with the Gateway, offered at $199.00 MSRP, with the player options available for $479.00 (P100), $599.00 (P200), and $1,499.00 (P3100), MSRP.

Wireless Audio for the Channel

David Rodarte,
President, NuVo
A wireless audio system, by nature, would seem to be so easy to use that even a caveman could “install” it. Despite the perceived DIY nature of wireless, however, NuVo Technology remains fully committed to the channel where it gained traction as a late entrant in the multi-room audio segment several years ago.

“Glancing around the arena of multi-room wireless audio products, I think our system really stands out as having been thoughtfully designed for the channel,” NuVo Technologies president David Rodarte said. “Easy integration is important to dealers, because it is important to their customers.”

Coming out with a system that allows smooth connectivity was important to NuVo, Rodarte added, and the same is true when comes to offering a highquality audio experience. “Committing to lossless delivery, providing ‘wired’ quality Bluetooth stereo audio with the aptX codec, and then putting it all together with our best amplifier ever, we truly believe this product is the best representation of high-fidelity wireless audio on the market,” Rodarte noted.