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Rising Star of the Month

Oregon's Quadrant Systems has experienced consistent growth over the past year.

Company Name: Quadrant Systems

Location: Portland, Oregon and Bend, Oregon

Year Founded: 1984

# of Full-Time Employees: 31

Company Executive: Gary Nedelisky, Owner, and Kathleen Dintruff, Owner

Sales Team: Gary Nedelisky, Randy Reagan, Carol Bonds, and Matt Gissel

Primary Product Line: ELAN, Runco, Denon, AMX, Mitsubishi, GE, and Sony

Most Successful Product Category: Integration controls, in particular ELANs VIA! touchscreens and the VIA!dj Music Server.

Keys to Success: Weve experienced consistent growth over the past year with the growth of multiple sales to single clients. The ELAN VIA!dj leads to ELAN VIA!s, which sells cameras and intercoms, calling for more speakers, audio keypads, and integration devicesall growing the volume and profitability. Another factor in our success is our great staff. Gary Nedelisky, Owner, Quadrant Systems

What Their Vendors Are Saying: Quadrant has been such a great new dealer success story because their whole organization has embraced our product and programs to the fullest extent. From the technicians through the company to the salespeople and business owners, they all take advantage of what ELAN has to offer. Quadrant recognizes that for a business to reach its true potential, all parts of have to work harmoniously. And, whats best about it is that they are just getting started. Paul Starkey, EVP Sales and Marketing, ELAN Home Systems.