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Well Connected

Wiring and Cable Products that are Keeping Our Industry Plugged In and Hooked Up to New Technologies

From HDMI to low-impedence flat wire, theres always something new in wiring and cable. Here is an editors selection of some of the new products in this important technology category.

A. Planet Waves Cable Station system of solderless cables and connectors have been designed specifically for use with the companys solderless plugs. Its full-bandwidth cable is manufactured to 75ohm high definition standards, and is double-shielded, sweep-tested to 3GHz at 100 feet. Dual and triple coax features color-coded dialectric. Simply back the gold screw out of the plug with a flat-head screwdriver, push the plug onto Planet Waves high bulk cable with a firm twisting motion, and set the screw until it will turn no further.

B. AudioControls BVD-20 and BVR-20 balanced video and audio transmitters can send component video signals (480i, 480p, and 720p) up to 1,000 feet over basic Cat-5 wiring. An extra input and output allows for the transmitting of a digital audio signal or composite video signal. This ability to send HD quality video and digital audio over Cat-5 gives installers the power to use wiring packages they installed in the past to operate newer technology. The BVD-20 and BVR-20 are sold separately and are backed by a five-year warranty. They join AudioControls Balanced Line Driver series.

C. Corning Gilberts enhanced UltraEase connector Series 59 and 6 are sealed compression F connectors targeted at the demands of the network drop segment. They incorporate a patented grooved nut for improving gripping during cable connection, while the nut itself has a port guide feature to help align the port during installation with the connector. UltraEase connector compression technology provides 360 degrees of contact to the cable, providing excellent RF shielding integrity and a complete moisture seal to the cable jacket. They are all compatible with industry-accepted security sleeves.

D. Wireworlds Silver Starlight 52 DVI/HDMI cables have the capacity to carry 1080p signals over runs of 50 feet. They feature a unique flat shape, which is 16 inches thick and 0.71 inches wide, providing flexibility and enhancing installation options. Internally, the cables employ silver-clad copper signal conductors of 6N purity, and maintain signal integrity with the use of die-cast zinc connectors. They also benefit from a unique composite shielding system.

E. Phoenix Golds HDMX.520DVI (6.5 feet) and HDMX.550DVI (16.5 feet) HDMI to DVI-D Interface cables (pictured) feature 26-gauge internal conductors and are CL-3 rated jacket approved for in-wall installation. The company also has issued HDMX990 (30 feet) and HDMX995 (50 feet) HDMI cables that are HDTV ready; VRX.960 CV (20 feet) and VRX.990 CV (30 feet) component video cable, which features a triple shielded internal design with 70 strand pure OFC center conductors; and a true 75-ohm RCA connector with copper beryllium leaf springs and Teflon insulators.

F. Comprehensive Multimedia Corp.s CVG-719DS Scaler converts composite video, S-Video, component video (SDTV and HDTV), VGA-through-UXGA, and DVI-D signals to 14 user-selectable pixel rates as well as a user desirable output mode. The machine also acts as a seven-input seamless presentation switcher via digital reprocessing of the signal to correct mastering errors, and regenerates the video at a chosen line and pixel rate format providing native-resolution video for LCD, DLP, and plasma displays. The companys HDMI and DVI cables (above) allow signal transmission by utilizing an exclusive 24 AWG copper construction that allows for long distance, all digital transmission with virtually no loss, even over 50 feet. The cables are covered by Comprehensives exclusive lifetime warranty.

G. Honeywells Genesis Crystal Series line of Mini-RGB and component video cables are designed to maximize the performance characteristics of high-end analog and digital home theater systems. Sweep tested to 1 GHz, the cables are offered in a choice of either three, five or six individual mini-coaxial cables protected under a super flexible jacket. The six multi-leg construction features a separate coaxial cable to support the three-color signals (red, green and blue), plus the vertical and horizontal synchronization signals. An additional coaxial cable is available for composite video or as a spare.

H. Monsters three new accessories for SIRIUS Satellite Radio components round out the companys initial SIRIUS product offering. The SIRIUS Antenna Extension Cable extends the Home Antennas cable reach so it can be mounted where needed for optimal signal reception. The SIRIUS Dish Mount Antenna attaches to an existing Satellite TV Dish for easy mounting and improved aesthetics. The SIRIUS Satellite Radio/TV Combiner connects to satellite TV to transmit its signal and satellite radio signals through the same coax line. It works with single-input SIRIUS Satellite receivers and Plug & Play tuners and features a durable, weather-resistant design.

I. Channel Vision is promoting its P-1400 as the first zero-loss video extender for transmitting the highest possible video and audio clarity from a signal source to a display source. Expandable up to 164 feet, the P-1400 consists of an 82-foot cable and an electronics module. A pre-tuned amplifier, the P-1400 provides connections for component video, s-video and composite video, and a shielded stereo for analog audio signals, IR signals or 12-volt triggers. The cable fits one-inch conduit and has an attached pull-cable loop. The module fits a 19-inch rack or structured wire enclosure and its snap locks can be removed for attachment to flat surfaces.

J. Tributaries new Silver and Direct Series HDMI cables are designed for the transmission of HD video and digital audio via a single cable. The Silver Series, model SCDH, are manufactured with silver-plated 26 AWF oxygen-free OFHC copper signal conductors to provide a low-loss path for the digital signal and protection, over time, from copper oxidation. The Direct Series (DCDH) are made with 26 AWG OFHC copper signal conductors to ensure high quality digital transmission even over long cable runs.

K. Liberty Wire & Cable has issued a new line of digital solution devices. Its HDMI Switcher allows four different A/V sources to share one video display and is ideal for home theater systems, while the HDMI-DVI Fiber Optical Extender system lets a digital display be located up to 330 feet away from the video and audio sources via the companys patented optical conversion technology, allowing a noise-free and high-resolution (up to UXGA or 1080p) extension up to that length.

L. Keeping the home construction process in mind, UStec has developed the ceLAN structured wiring solution. The key to ceLANs installation lies with the rough-in tecBracket. Once a home is framed, the tecBracket is attached to a stud, and the cabling is cinched to the bracket. After the dry wall is installed and the room is painted, the ceLAN cabinet is coupled to the tecBracket.

M. Sheer Sounds new HDMI and DVI series of cables, HDX24, features low attenuation, wide bandwidth, larger conductors, and exceptional flexibility. Both cable types are available as pre-terminated cables with all-metal shells and integrated strain reliefs. Certified up to 15 meters at 1080i, the HDMI and DVI cables allow for greater separation between the video source and display device. At this distance, they can be run three times as far compared to standard consumer-grade types which are typically limited to five meters.

N. Goertz by Alpha-Core has introduced its flat wire, a 13-AWG design to deliver improved sonic performance over traditional speaker wire due to its low inductance and resistance properties. Installer grade with an ETL, CL2 flame rating, it is suitable for installations inside wall panels, floor partitions, under carpets, or behind base boards. Its flexibility also makes it possible to snake flatwire through existing conduits. Flatwire utilizes two flat strips of high purity solid copper for its negative bare, while the positive is insulated by a micro-thin film of PET polyester. Field termination may be performed using screw-on spade, banana or pin connectors, or by cutting integral spades right in to the copper conductors using the companys punch pliers.

O. BTXs Razor line of HDTV component and dubbing assemblies are being touted as broadcast studio-quality cables for the home theater market. Each assembly is made by BTX Belden certified assemblers using Beldens serial digital video cable 1187A (three 1855A bundled), which offers 23-AWG solid bare copper conductors along with a dual shield. The cable is terminated with ADC precision gold-plated 75ohm RCA connectors, which have an electrical performance up to 2 GHz.

P. Belden CDT Electronics new HomeChoice TruAudio Speaker cables for indoor/outdoor/burial residential applications, are available with 16, 14 or 12 AWG bare copper conductors, highly stranded for optimal flexibility. The line includes five speaker cables, all of which are CMR, CL3R, CMG, FT4 rated for in-wall or outdoor use. These include: HC 2757, 16 AWG (65 strands), two-conductor cable with a purple or white PVC jacket; HC 2758, 16 AWG (65 strands), four-conductor cable with a violet or white PVC jacket; HC 2759, 14 AWG (105 strands), two-conductor cable with a yellow or white PVC jacket; HC 2760,14 AWG (105 strands), four-conductor cable with an orange or white PVC jacket; and, the HC 2761,12 AWG (168 strands), two-conductor cable with a pink or white PVC jacket.