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Where Can Big Thinking Lead You?

In the day-to-day of your business, how often do you get to take a step back and really think big?

In the day-to-day of your business, how often do you get to take a step back and really think big? If you’ve been lucky, perhaps you’ve been recruited to a project this year where the sky is the limit and you can really cast a vision for a big, beautiful end result.

If you had a chance to step back and think big, who knows where it could lead you. Maybe you would finally start the process for recurring revenue, or learn how you really can sell 4K to clients, or develop the skills to design and build an enterprise-grade network.

Get inspired by all the people and companies thinking big at CEDIA 2016, which will take place from September 13–17 in Dallas.

Taking time to think big could also be an opportunity to help your team bond and build their skills. Recently at CEDIA’s Business Xchange, presenter Jana Anders included career growth, learning, and development as ways to get good people to stay with your company.

This September, you’re invited to think big at CEDIA 2016. With the addition of Tuesday training, there are five full days packed with 109 courses, 43 of which are new!

CEDIA 2016 will feature an added Tuesday training for a total of five full days with 109 courses, 43 of which are new.

Tuesday Training Highlight
NEW! Video Setup and Calibration Workshop (Includes THX Professional Certification)

Obtain the coveted status of “THX Certified Professional” by attending this full-day workshop. Using state-of-the-art gear, learn the basics of optimizing the latest video technologies. Topics include 4K, 3D, anamorphic lens systems, and utilization of 3D LUTs. Earn THX Certification by passing the exam at the end of class.
Facilitator: Gregg Loewen, Lion Audio Video Consultants, Inc.
CEU Value: 8.0

Business Training Highlight
NEW! How to Run a Successful Service Team

You finished your project and collected your last check. But the hard work is just beginning! In this course, you will learn how to structure your service team, organize your service requests, manage client expectations, and build a proper service culture within your team. You will leave this class with a clear understanding of how service teams are different from project teams, and how they should be managed for success.
Instructor: Joseph Kolchinsky, OneVision Resources
CEU Value: 1.5

Tech Training Highlight:
NEW! Best Practices for End-to-End Network Security

By now, many home technology professionals understand the basics of home network security; however, with scores of IP-connected devices in the home these days, the risk of a security breach within the home is greater than ever. Integrators should take measures to protect their clients’ networks, even assuming a hacker has already bypassed the router and accessed the home.
Instructor: Shereena Banda, Pakedge Device & Software
CEU Value: 1.5

Where can big thinking lead your company? Only you can answer that, but the opportunities are there to expand your network, hone your skills, and get inspired by all the people and companies thinking big at CEDIA 2016.

CEDIA 2016 will take place on September 13–17 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. Registration will open on June 8 and early bird savings will be available until July 22. Visit show to see the full lineup of training, exhibitors, and programs that will keep you thinking big from the time you step foot in the convention center.