Tapping Into New Connections From CEDIA

Using Online Resources to Keep in Touch Year Round
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At this point we’re coming off of CEDIA 2016 with what could be the equivalent of a “runner’s high.” It was a great show–the energy was strong, there were countless new products and solutions to be seen, and there were endless opportunities for you to make connections on the show floor, at after-hours events, or even walking through the hotel lobby.

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That’s one of the special things about the CEDIA show that we hear time and time again; it’s like a family reunion. CEDIA members represent a passionate and dedicated crowd that wants to help one another stay competitive and tap into new opportunities. Chances are, you left the show with a stack of business cards, and although you may have had the best of intentions to connect with these individuals after the show, the truth is those cards are in danger of becoming a coaster, or lost at the bottom of your briefcase.

The good news is you don’t have to rely on those business cards to tap into the unique spirit of collaboration in our industry.

A New Way to Connect

Earlier this year CEDIA launched the CEDIA Online Community, a platform exclusively for CEDIA members to access downloadable resources, connect with peers both in their region and across the globe, discuss industry hot topics, share ideas with industry subject matter experts and thought leaders, and extend the conversation after in-person events.

Post-CEDIA, 2016 instructors have been using the CEDIA Online Community to connect with individuals who took their class and answer follow-up questions. Members have been uploading helpful resources like site visit request forms, installation job descriptions, and answers to questions that builders frequently ask.

Nearly 30,000 individuals are part of the CEDIA Online Community; that’s one heck of a resource bank to put a bat-signal out to when you’re in need of advice, looking for inspiration, or wanting to share some ways you’ve found recent success.

What are you waiting for? Log on now (www.cedia.net/community) to see what the latest buzz is.

Your Personal Sounding Board

If you’re looking for a more intimate and confidential setting to have candid business conversations, CEDIA also offers CEDIA Groups as a resource for members to connect. Each group is comprised of seven to 10 business owners that meet regularly via teleconference to share best practices and troubleshoot challenges.

“I have been in the industry 20-plus years and I’ve had many unique business relationships, but this is different,” said Mark DiPietro of SoundVision in Mooresville, NC. “Having a group to serve as a sounding board that understands the business has been fantastic. We all come from a different angle, with different perspectives and from different parts of the country, so there is no fear about unknowingly helping your competition.”

To request join a CEDIA group, fill out the form at www.cedia.net/ groups.

The thing about CEDIA is that it’s your network of people that you can tap into both at the show, and yes, even year-round. Being a member of CEDIA ensures that you have access to the resources (like the CEDIA Online Community and CEDIA Groups) that will help take your business to the next level.

Visit cedia.net/join to learn about all the benefits you have access to as a CEDIA member.