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ADA Freezes Pricing, Extends Warranty

White Plains, NY — Audio Design Associates (ADA) has decided to hold each and every one of its product prices at the 2007 levels, and intends to continue
these levels into 2009. The company also reiterated its commitment to extending its revolutionary 30-year warranty to June 4, 2009.

“Naturally our component costs have increased during the past year with
raw materials and fuel prices surging,” stated Albert Langella, president, Chief Design Engineer and CEO. “Dealers are being hit hard from both the consumer side and product side. It is my belief that by holding our prices, ADA dealers will have the upper hand in this new economy.”

According to Richard Stoerger, ADA VP & COO, even the most affluent home-owners can get shaken by changes in the economy and stock markets, tempted to put audio/video projects on hold. However, the same advice that their financial advisor could give them about their investments — “be in it for the long haul” — makes sense for the audio/video job.

“The installation of a high-end home theater or distributed audio system will not only provide years of enjoyment, but will also increase the value of the home. And for those who are or might be thinking about selling their home, it is worth noting that we have heard from several people who recently sold their home, that their custom installed system was the deciding factor for their buyer. In this housing market, it is amazing to think that an entertainment system investment can make such a dramatic difference, maybe even paying for itself,” said Stoerger.

By holding onto their 2007 price levels, ADA products and systems are now extremely competitive on both the entry level and high-end. Stoerger explained, “Between the 30-year warranty extension (ADA30) and the freezing of all of our prices, ADA dealers have a real story to sell. Even when price overshadows value, ADA dealers can bid and win with total confidence. This makes them in a stronger position than ever before.”

So how was it possible for ADA to preserve their prices while others, even those who offshore manufacturing had to raise theirs? Langella hinted, “It is true that our per-unit manufactured cost is most likely the highest in the industry — all American made, built by hand, superior parts and superior performance — you just can’t get around that. Instead we focused on saving in other areas, in particular cutting down on waste. We don’t waste a thing and are proud to run lean and mean. This is not just how we are but also who we are.”