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Algolith Upgrades Mosquito Software

The latest version matches image settings with video sources, streamlining the enhancer's speed, flexibility, responsive, and ease of use.

Montreal, PQ, Canada–Algolith, a developer of video image enhancement solutions, is offering an upgrade to the operating software for its Mosquito Home Theater Video Enhancer.

The change allows Mosquito users and installers to assign individual image enhancement settings for each video source in a home theater or AV system. The optimal enhancements for components such as a DVD players or a cable box can now be saved in memory and associated with a specific video input. The individual settings are shown onscreen and assigned to memory positions that correspond to the Mosquitos six video inputs. Up to 18 different settings can be assigned to the Mosquitos memory using the Save command on the its remote control.

Algolith’s Mosquito

This ends the need of Mosquito owners to adjust individual settings each time that he or she switches video sources. Because each Mosquito has six video inputs (four HDMI and two component), the refinement streamlines operation by making it significantly simpler and quicker to jump from one video source to another.

The image enhancement settings cover many of the Mosquitos features, including its 3D temporal filter, 2D spatial filter, noise reduction algorithms, block artifact reducer, dynamic range stretcher, and detail enhancer.

The new software comes installed on all new Mosquitoes, and is easily added to previously purchased units in keeping with Algoliths policy of designing future-proof products that can benefit from the companys ongoing research programs. The software upgrade is available now as Version 2.05 at the Algolith Web site, It is free of charge to Mosquito dealers and owners.