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Amimon’s Wireless HD is HDCP Certified

Semiconductor technology manufacturer receives digital content protection certification for its Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI).

Santa Clara, CA–Amimon, an emerging leader in semiconductor technology for wireless transmission of high-definition (HD) video, recently learned that its Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI) solution has been approved for use with digital content protected by the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specification.

Amimon’s WHDI chipset enables new wireless HDTV applications, such as wireless HDTVs, wireless multimedia projectors, and wireless HD video accessories, providing consumers new and simpler options to connect HD sources to displays throughout the home.

Wireless transmission technologies must meet stringent requirements to become a certified Approved Retransmission Technology, said Stephen Balogh, president of Digital Content Protection LLC. Amimon’s WHDI solution meets the HDCP Approved Retransmission Technology Objective Criteria for HDCP content protection, and will offer consumers a wireless choice for connecting CE devices throughout the home.

WHDI chipsets have been available for several months, and have been demonstrated to reliably deliver high-quality HD video throughout the home, said Noam Geri, Amimon’s vice president of marketing and business development. The HDCP ART approval ensures that the WHDI products that will be offered to consumers by several original equipment manufacturers in 2008 meet the stringent security requirements of the content industry.