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AMX Adds Program for Residential Dealers

AMXhome provides new process for selling, designing, and installing distributed audio and residential control systems.

Orlando, FL–In an attempt to further simplify technology, AMX has introduced a new, pre-packaged residential solution that provides AMX dealers with the tools they need to sell, design, and install complex home automation and home theater systems.

AMXhome simplifies set up and execution for faster installations, higher reliability, and increased dealer profitability. It simplifies the selling process by offering pre-defined system components for essential and sophisticated control of distributed audio, media room functions, HVAC and Internet access. With these options, dealers can quickly and easily deliver a compelling solution that meets homeowner needs – from a basic distributed audio system all the way up to an advanced system featuring integrated macros, security cameras and Internet weather or traffic information.

ProAutomated is one of the first companies in the country to adopt AMXhome, and weve been extremely pleased with the results, said John Webb, owner of ProAutomated. With AMXhome, weve repeatedly and successfully delivered systems with a known cost and profit margin. A project that used to take two or more weeks to program now only takes two to three days.

The following are included with the purchase of AMXhome:

Marketing collateral, including an interactive touch panel demo to walk homeowners through the specific capabilities and features of four pre-defined systems.

Complete system designs and diagrams.

Custom NetLinx programming files that are pre-configured and modifiable by the dealer or a third-party AMX Certified Programmer. Modifications depend on the specific third-party devices selected for the system, such as displays and DVD players.

Personalized touch panel templates, as well as pricing templates.

AMXhome includes a fully-functional, interactive touch panel demonstration that enables our dealers to easily and consistently educate their customers about what a control system is and what it can do, said Scott Norder, AMX executive vice president of business development. And because all key system options have been pre-determined, the demonstration sets the homeowners expectations at the very beginning, helping to ensure higher satisfaction with the end result. The consistency – between sales, design and delivery – is a key component of dealer profitability.

AMXhome is available today to all AMX dealers with at least one certified AMX Designer and Installer on staff. To help ensure success, dealers who purchase AMXhome will receive six hours of small group training on the solution and sales process.