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Anthem Launches New Consumer Website

Product pages now include retail pricing (North America only), allowing potential buyers to research AV solutions to fit their taste and their budget.

Anthem Electronics has launch its new consumer website.

Product pages now include retail pricing (North America only), allowing potential buyers to research AV solutions to fit their taste and their budget. Product specs, reviews and downloadable literature is all only a click away on each product page.

“We listened to feedback from both our customers and dealer partners and we’ve made some dramatic changes to the Anthem site. As with the new Paradigm website, the bottom line is a desire to make the Anthem brand a better experience for both audio/video aficionados and those new to the high-end audio world,” said Justin Bright, director of Digital Marketing.

“The new Anthem website isn’t just a refresh, it has been completely re-tooled from top to bottom,” said Bright. Navigation is easier and more consistent, finding a local dealer is more intuitive and the overall experience is comprehensive and informative, the company says. The new Product Search tool offers a variety of avenues for customers to find what they’re looking for.

One new feature is high-resolution photography. Every Anthem product is linked to Flickr. Customers click on the ‘gallery’ tab to look at a photo of any Anthem product and it takes them directly to that same photograph on the Flickr site.

Navigation through the new Anthem website has also been revamped. The product search feature was built from the ground up.

Anthem offers two distinct product collections to help users find a sound solution that fits their specific application and budget:

· Statement Collection: Anthem’s top end collection of components designed exclusively for those who want the ultimate in audio/video performance.

· Performance Collection: A lineup of state-of-the-art audio/video performers that offer performance to value.

Anthem’s Dealer Locator now makes it easy for customers on the site to find out where to buy any Anthem product. Finding the closest Anthem dealers is instantaneous — the site uses Google automatic geolocation based on location. Users can also narrow their search to find Anthem dealers that carry a specific collection — Statement or Performance, as well as specific models within the collection. Customers who want to keep track of their purchases can use a simple online product registration tool and in the coming months, will also be able to review their product experience on the website for other customers to see.

Customer support is always top of mind and they have also added an Anthem support tab with links to a variety of resources including information about the company, its technology, its warranties, high-resolution images, manuals, literature and even career opportunities with the company. Also included are the various methods by which customers can contact Anthem.

To experience the new website and learn more about Anthem, please visit