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Arcam Changes U.S. Distributors

U.K. audio brand shifts from Audiophile Systems to American Audio and Video.

Indianapolis, IN — Audiophile Systems has announced that effective July 7, 2008, the distribution of Arcam products in the United States will be assumed by American Audio and Video, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Music and Sound.

Audiophile Systems will work closely with American Audio and Video to ensure a seamless transition for Arcam dealers. Audiophile Systems will continue to handle Arcam service as well as product support and installation issues from Indianapolis. Orders will be shipped from the American Audio and Video warehouse in Plattsburgh, New York.

Audiophile Systems was founded by Tony Gregory and the late Gary Warzin. The company sells products for a select group of high end audio manufacturers, including Burmester, Cambre, dCS, Nordost, Nottingham, and Piega and provides service and support to a specialist dealer network.

Gregory, now president of Audiophile Systems, said that when his company introduced the U.S. market to Arcam in 1996, it was a very small manufacturer of superb audio products, well established in Britain and Europe, but still quite small and relatively unknown in the U.S. This changed dramatically in the years that followed, as Arcam has become an established, well-known brand in the U.S., with a large specialist dealer network.

He acknowledged that Arcam now needs a partner whose business model is better tailored to a much larger market and dealer network, as well as to a product range that will grow larger and more varied. “With this expanded dealer network, and a vastly diversified Arcam product range, we have recognized that the goals and aims of American Audio and Video are better suited to delivering the kind of services that Arcam will require,” Gregory said.

Gregory added, “Arcam is a terrific company with an exceptional product line that has yet to realize its true potential in this market and we are confident that this relationship will benefit all of Arcams U.S. dealers. At the same time, this arrangement will allow Audiophile Systems to focus on the things it has always done exceptionally well, and for which it earned its reputation.”