Arlington’s CAM-LIGHT Box

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Scranton, PA -- Arlington’s new CAM-LIGHT Box has been designed to enable any security camera or a luminaire to be installed on a suspended ceiling panel.

For power or low voltage, CAM-LIGHT Box (FLC430) offers easier installation with a four-inch hole saw. Unlike multi-piece assemblies, it’s a listed and tested assembly that holds up to 50 lbs.

It is designed to fit any security camera hole pattern because you drill the holes where you need them in the mounting plate.

CAM-LIGHT Box features a drop wire for overhead support; mounting “wings” for attachment to the ceiling panel; half- and three-quarters-inch knockouts; and hole pattern for a 4x4 fixture.

It also offers 360-degree turning for proper positioning of exit signs and direct lighting, a high-volume, 23.0 cubic inch box, and non-metallic, paintable white plastic

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