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Artison Offers First Look at New Theater Series

The company's Reference Theater Series integrates proprietary, patented DualMono Center Channel technology.

Denver, CO–Artison will demonstrate the Artison Reference Theater Series at CEDIA EXPO 2008 in Booth 710, September 4-7 in Denver, Colorado. The Artison Reference Theater Series is projected for release in the first quarter of 2009. ART is a super-slim; state-of-art home theater speaker system designed specifically for large flat panel displays and projection systems. Utilizing the companys proprietary patented DualMono Center Channel technology, this product eliminates the need for a woven or perforated screen which degrades the performance of both the audio and video.

The Artison Reference Theater Series achieves dynamic center-of-screen sound by using only two speaker enclosures that can be installed in-wall, or on-wall next to each side of the screen. The Artison Reference Theater Series unique two-panel approach is possible because of Artisons exclusive DualMono Center Channel technology, which successfully integrates center channel components into a long separate dedicated array of drivers in both the right and left speakers. This design eliminates the need for a separate, center channel enclosure.

A propriety 19mm long throw driver (8mm) was developed for the Artison Reference Theater Series. The design allows a single driver to cover the full audio spectrum eliminating the need for a traditional crossover. The system arranges 40 or 60 drivers (depending on the model) in a vertical arrayknown as a Line Sourcewhich provides unsurpassed horizontal dispersion to the highest frequencies and vertical directivity to control floor and ceiling bounce which further improves the sound of the system. A Line Source sound pressure level falls off at a rate that is 3dB or half the SPL for every doubling of the distance from the source. A Point Source (most widely used type of speaker) emits a spherical wave front which falls off at a rate that is the inverse square of the distance or 6dB for every doubling of the distance from the source. This characteristic is one of the a main reasons the Artison DualMono Center Channel Line Source can work in a large venue where the speakers will typically be placed further apart. The center channel image is placed squarely in the middle of the screen and unlike the normal large screen audio solutions there is no sound that seems to come from a box located below the screen. The advantage: Exceptional three-speaker sound, encased in just two slim cabinets, which project sound from the proper location relative to the screen image, enveloping the room with a large theater audio image that is constant throughout the room.

When you place speakers behind a screen, theres often a trade-off for the client, explained Cary Christie, world-renowned speaker designer and chief executive officer of Artison. While you gain a cleaner look with hidden speakers and a more precise center-of-screen sound, this often comes at the expense of video and sound quality because you need to go to a woven or perforated screen, which doesnt offer as precise screen images and impedes sound clarity toward the back of the room.

The Artison Reference Theater Series 40 and 60 will be available with both DualMono and single panels identically matched speakers for use as surround channels. The single channel version can also be used by those who would like all five channels to be the same cosmetically. With the Artison Reference Theater Series, home theater owners get the best of all worldsexceptional realistic sound that fills the entire room and a great look, without the speakers getting in the way.