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Atomoo Partners with Premiere Systems in Luxury Hi-Rise Condos

Evanston, IL — Atomoo, a leader in network monitoring and remote management of residential technology, has formed a partnership with Premiere Systems, a leader in automation technology for the luxury high-rise condominium and custom home markets.

“We are very excited to have Premiere Systems as a partner,” said Dan Newman, Atomoo senior VP of sales and marketing. “From the beginning, Premiere has really understood not just the value of service, but what it means to provide their customers with a reliable environment that works all the time. With their renowned reputation it will truly serve as a differentiator when they cannot just tell their customers their systems will work, but can actually quantify it for them.”

Atomoo will be providing remote monitoring and management solutions that will allow Premiere to better serve their clients. By knowing what is happening inside a client’s network, 24×7, and having secure remote access to key systems, the team is able to move from a chaotic, break-fix model to a proactive services model that ultimately reduces costs while providing greater customer satisfaction.

“I want to know when a client’s home needs service before they do,” said Ken Johnson, president of Premiere Systems. “System monitoring gives us immediate knowledge of a component failure and in some cases the ability to fix the problem remotely. This is a significant advance in a business where service is everything.”

Together Atomoo and Premiere will be working to develop a series of best practices and mass customized solutions that drive services to profitability. The goal for Premiere is to have Atomoo’s Managed Services become the platform in which they will scale their overall service offerings allowing them peace of mind while continuing to separate themselves from the competition.