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ATON Enters CI Industry

The new technology venture has set its sights on the broader consumer AV systems market.

Lexington, KY–ATON, a new player in the custom installation products business, announced its debut to the industry today by introducing three new signal processing products aimed at putting advanced technology in the reach of consumers. Bob Williams, one of the founders of ATON and the company’s general manager, made the announcement today.

ATON has capitalized on its radio-frequency (RF) control, infrared (IR) control, digital signal processing, and video processing expertise to produce a comprehensive line of affordable and innovative routers to provide house-wide entertainment for consumers.

The routers include the world’s first speaker-level RF/IR controlled router, a digital music over Cat-5 router, and a high-definition TV audio/video router. These innovative new products set capabilities and price points not previously offered. The company also disclosed its full line of architectural speakers and infrared products, totaling over 45 new models.

With its first introduction, ATON’s two-, four-, and six-room speaker selectors combine speaker-level switching technology with an RF remote control aspect never seen in the market, and a robust IR engine that provides unique choices to installers. The selectors feature patent-pending DLA (dynamic level adjustment) technology to provide multi-room features from a single source, including impedance-matching transformer technology, independent room volume settings, and power source monitoring to provide maximum power to each room.

The company’s second routing product is an alternative to analog amplified keypads. ATON’s line includes a digital amplified keypad system, which features 30-watt power amplifiers and a touchpad-style user interface with in-room local source input ability and IR pass-thru.

ATON’s third powerful system product is a full Cat-5 solution for HD video routing at a cost that truly puts technology in reach. With ATON’s router, consumers can watch HD video combined with SPDIF digital or analog audio content from up to four sources into four zones in their home or business, while maintaining the sleek look of their flat-panel displays.

Voiced by a team of musicians at ATON’s own sound labs, ATON’s series of in-wall, in-ceiling, and LCR speakers balance clarity, accuracy, and power to create the ultimate audio and home theater surround sound experience at exceptional price points. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor audio applications, and designed to blend in with any home environment, the speaker series offers a full range of flexible configurations and optimal features, such as custom driver materials and network components.

The ATON line of infrared accessories complements all ATON systems and works equally well in stand-alone IR distribution applications. The line includes plasma-friendly IR receivers, IR emitters, and an amplified IR distribution block. An IR distribution kit includes everything needed for a basic IR repeater system.

“ATON has a singular mission of bringing practical, cost-effective entertainment signal routing products to more people,” said Williams. “These simple-to-use, simple-to-install products will invite tens of thousands more users to enjoy their music and video around the house.”