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ATON Hires National Sales Manager

Veteran whole-home and security pro Jim Koenig to lead national sales team.

Lexington, KY–ATON, a manufacturer of affordable, high-performance speakers and digital distribution systems for whole home systems, has hired Jim Koenig as national sales manager. He will be charged with developing distribution channels, new partnerships and building dealer relationships for the companys patent-pending portfolio of audio and video routing technologies.

ATON was started just over two years ago as an audio and video development company aggressively using emerging technologies for affordable eye-opening media solutions for modern living, said Bob Williams, ATONs general manager. Now that those products are shipping, Jims responsibility is to expand the distribution chain and the sales support to meet the demand for products both the technical press and early adaptors are starting to recognize. Jim is the man to do that thanks to a heavy grassroots background in both technology and sales that spans over 20 years.

This is a very exciting time to be in sales and sales development, Koenig said. “ATON has a clear advantage at the most commonly installed levels of whole home entertainment. Their products were developed from the ground up to fill gaps in both the sound and video distribution chain so the entire line looks good on paper and operates even better in real life. The market is there and the interest is there. It is just a matter of opening up the distribution network and educating channel partners about how the ATON solutions work better then everyone elses. Hard work, but very satisfying.

Prior to signing on with ATON, Koenig spent two years at ELAN Home Systems as national distribution accounts manager. Work there included building the companys distribution channel and supporting sales goals, as well as dealing with daily operational issues. On the technical sales side, he also helped produce several advanced system platforms for large-scale installations. That contributed to a formal training and certification program for those installations, part of ELANs overall training efforts.