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Audience’s New Power Conditions Set to Ship

June delivery date set for Adept Response dealers.

Escondido, CA–Audience LLC, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-resolution audio cables and power conditioning products, has announced that two new additions to its Adept Response line of power conditioners will ship in early June.

Both the single-outlet aR1p and six-outlet aR6 offer a host of technologically advanced benefits for high-resolution audio/video power supply.

Our legacy Adept Response aR12 conditioner proved that conventional products just cant match the characteristics of a finely crafted model, said Audience president and CEO, John McDonald. Like every product we sell, the aR1p and flagship R6 high-resolution power conditioners are the result of our giving our engineers the time and resources to make truly advanced products that offer demonstrable benefits in virtually any high-end audio/video system.

As an audiophile, clean power plays an essential role in my systems performance, and as a businessman, I wont go to market with a product unless it stands out in front of the competition.

Adept Response power conditioners are designed to present the lowest possible impedance power path while providing wide bandwidth noise reduction. All Adept Response power products feature many benefits that are unique to the category, including:

– hand-wired 10 gauge equivalent power wire with no printed circuit boards
– ultra-high efficiency filter components on every outlet
– no high-resistance type series inductors
– double filtering between outlets for maximum component-to-component isolation in multiple outlet models
– non-resonant physical construction
– award-winning power Chord from Audience included with select models

Additionally, Adept Response power conditioners are made in versions that are applicable for all countries.

The new aR1p Adept Response power conditioner (MAP: $495) is a truly unique single outlet system solution for high-resolution performance from both home theater and two-channel applications, including video projectors, video monitors, A/V receivers, and mono block tower amplifiers. All potential interference is removed through a combination of an exceedingly wide bandwidth of RF filtration, power factor correction, and transient suppression. As a result, end-users experience state-of-the-art audio/video high-resolution performance from their home entertainment systems.

For end-users who prefer a multi-outlet conditioner, the new aR6 (MAP: $2,600) is a six-outlet system solution, with each outlet both individually and double-filtered to ensure true component-to-component isolation.