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Audio Authority AVAtrix Cat-5 Matrix Integrates with HAI

Lexington, KY — Audio Authority Corp. is now an HAI Connectivity Partner, and its AVAtrix Cat-5 matrix system can be fully integrated with HAI’s Omni and Lumina Family of home control systems. HAI’s control products allow integrators to add HD video switching to automated homes, which can be controlled via the OmniTouch family of touchscreens and software interfaces.

“We are really excited about our newest connectivity partner, Audio Authority,” said Thomas Pickral Jr., HAI’s director of business development. “High-definition video switching is becoming an increasingly important feature in automated homes and we are proud to offer our customers easy-to-integrate solutions like the AVAtrix.”

With HAI’s Omni and Lumina Home Control systems, users can synchronize changes between video, audio, lighting, temperature, security, and other systems in the home. HAI’s systems allow video switching to take place automatically in response to any event in the home.

“Many of our customers already use HAI’s innovative systems in their projects, so the seamless integration of the AVAtrix and HAI was a winning proposition for our companies and our mutual dealers,” said Trent Davis, Audio Authority’s project manager.

The following HAI equipment is necessary for integration with the AVX-562:

  • HAI Controller – LT, Omni Pro (firmware version 1.8 or later), Omni II, Omni IIe, Omni Pro II, Lumina, or Lumina Pro
  • 10A17-1 Serial Interface Module (Optional) – required on the Omni Pro, but optional on any other HAI product
  • 36A05-4 Serial Connectivity Kit or Standard Serial Cable (DB9F-to-DB9M) if using the 10A17-1 Serial interface Module
  • PC Access Software

View a knowledge base article at featuring information on how to integrate HAI’s products with Audio Authority’s AVX-562 Matrix.

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