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AudioQuest Joins Azione Unlimited

AudioQuest’s Cables, Power Products, DACs, Preamps, and Headphones are Now Available to Group’s Dealer Members

Azione Unlimited’s newest vendor member AudioQuest, offers cables, Niagara power products, and DragonFly DAC/headphone amp/preamps to the group’s network of 190 dealers.

“We have watched with great interest as Azione has grown to become a sophisticated organization that includes many of the strongest and most performance-conscious dealers and integrators in the country,” said Shaun Schuetz, vice president of Sales, Americas. “Azione dealers are our retail peers, a group with which we closely identify. Joining Azione will be a bit like joining the family business—a carefully curated dealer-driven family with the proven ability to adapt and develop in-step with where the market is headed.”

Azione and AudioQuest share a similar value system of superior differentiation, personalized service, and the support of a diverse yet tightknit community that fosters education, connection, understanding, and confidence.

AudioQuest representatives will attend Azione’s upcoming 2018 Spring Conference, Philosophically Phocused in Philadelphia, to be held April 23-25. There, dealers will have opportunities to learn more about AudioQuest’s mission, product line and program.

“AudioQuest’s high-performance offerings allow our dealers to better serve their core, affluent client base, who demand the best audio performance and advanced thinking in cable, power, and headphone accessory design,” says Azione Unlimited president Richard Glikes. “We’ve strategically welcomed several new ‘Perfect Partners’ in what has been a landmark first quarter—Google Home, Sonos, James Loudspeaker, Lyngdorf Audio, and SmartCare. The addition of AudioQuest certainly continues this exciting momentum for Azione and opens up much opportunity.”