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AudioXperts Names Director of Training and Sales Development

AudioXperts has appointed high-end audio industry and training expert Kent Maxson to director of training and sales development.

AudioXperts has appointed high-end audio industry and training expert Kent Maxson to director of training and sales development.

In his new role, Maxson is responsible for implementing training programs and resources for AudioXperts’ authorized dealers and international distributors; empowering them with the knowledge and selling tools needed to achieve a level of success that exceeds expectations.

“We are thrilled to have Kent on our AudioXperts Team,” said Eli Harary, president of AudioXperts. “His unwavering passion for great products, along with his unique ability to share knowledge and skills, make him ideal for our new audio brand. Kent’s uses of the latest technologies for sharing information will help us establish a leadership role in training methodology and practices.”

“I look at training as an on-going opportunity to reinforce and guide the public discussion about technology,” said Maxson. “Our dealers will know that AudioXperts is committed to providing them the best in design, performance, and manufacturing while also supporting them with innovative tools and resources that make it easier to demonstrate the unique value of AudioXperts products to customers.”

Among the training tools Maxson has already helped to bring to AudioXperts dealers includes the 4TV interactive sales training tool, a comprehensive resource for salespeople to quickly and easily become familiar with the 4TV collection of audio entertainment consoles. The training features in-depth 3D models of 4TV driver technology, allowing the trainee to move and rotate with the simple touch of their finger on an Apple iPad. Embedded video clips are also included, offering salespeople a guided overview of the products and detailed talking points that go beyond the traditional “PowerPoint-style” product training to better illustrate and highlight key product features. Kent also included up-to-date recommendations for consumer demo materials and suggestions on specific movie scenes or music tracks.

Maxson will be conducting an on-going, regularly scheduled series of webinars, adding yet another training dimension to AudioXperts dealer support. The webinars allow Maxson and the AudioXperts team to easily communicate a consistent message and training techniques to dealers around the world, but also offer the flexibility to customize content and interact directly, in real-time, with individual or regional dealers.

Maxson possesses greater than three decades of experiences in the audio and consumer electronics industry. Over the past 30-plus years, he has developed and implemented training programs for brands—including Harman International, Tweeter, and Circuit City—that effectively combined the latest techniques and innovations in marketing, sales, and technical resources.