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Audyssey Expands Installer Program

The company has ten new installer-ready products shipping in 2007.

Los Angeles, CA–Audyssey Laboratories will unveil the expansion of its successful Installer Program at the 2007 CEDIA EXPO. This program now enables custom installers to provide room equalization as a value added service to their clients who have Audyssey installer-ready A/V receivers.

The Audyssey Installer Program now includes new Audyssey installer-ready products from Denon, NAD, Crestron, Integra, Phase Technology and Wisdom Audio. Select receivers from Denon will also incorporate the brand new Audyssey Dynamic EQ.

By joining the Audyssey Installer Program, custom installers can deliver the best possible sound experience for their customers by removing distortion and sound degradation caused by room acoustics. Installers of Audyssey Installer-ready products are able to perform the most precise and powerful calibrations possible. The total initial investment in the program is a one-time purchase of an Installer Kit for $325. This kit includes the MultEQ Pro software, calibrated microphone and preamp, stand, cables, and instructions for performing calibrations.

The success of Audysseys Installer Program with the Sound Equalizer showed us that installers and their customers value superior sound, says Michael Solomon, CEO of Audyssey Laboratories, Inc., With the expansion of the Installer Program to a wider range of home theater products, custom installers are now able to extend the reach of this value added service.

Custom installation professionals can join the Audyssey Installer Program by contacting their local representative of Audyssey Installer-ready products or by contacting Audyssey directly at [email protected]