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Auralex Launches Dealer Program

Auralex Acoustics, a provider of acoustical treatment solutions for residential home theaters and recording studios, has launched its new ELiTE Dealer Program.

Indianapolis, IN–Auralex Acoustics, a leading provider of acoustical treatment solutions for residential home theaters and recording studios, will launch its new ELiTE Dealer Program at the CEDIA EXPO. Dealers at the show were the first to learn about the program and have the opportunity to apply for authorized dealer status in their sales area.

Our goal, noted Tracy Chandler, director, sales and marketing, Auralex Acoustics, is to develop a national network of dealers with system design and installation capabilities for our ELiTE line of residential acoustic solutions which provide a unique combination of elegant style and exquisite sound control. The ELiTE line is based on almost 30 years of experience as the preferred acoustic solutions provider for the professional music and recording industries.

Since launching our ELiTE line of residential acoustical solutions weve received tremendous support from our initial group of dealers and great feedback from end users, Chandler pointed out. The end user gets the best possible performance from their home theater package for very little additional cost. The dealer gets a great margin on each installation, compared to other components.

Dealers accepted into the program will receive acoustics sales and installation training for their staff from Auralex Acoustics experts and have access to an ELiTE dealer support representative. In addition to receiving marketing support from Auralex that includes local and national public relations efforts, ELiTE dealers will also receive sales leads generated from the Auralex ELiTE web site ( and through a customizable direct mail template.

Incentives will be provided for dealers to install Auralex ELiTE acoustical treatment solutions in their home theater and audio showrooms. Auralex will also maintain a state-of-the-art home theater demo room at its Indianapolis headquarters for dealer and customer visits.

Dealers interested in more information and/or in applying for the Auralex ELiTE dealer program can contact Matt Call at 317.842.2600.