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Auralex’s New SonicPrint Designs

Indianapolis, IN — Auralex Acoustics has taken “The Art of Sound” to the next level by offering artwork by renowned artist Eric Waugh as the newest addition to the company’s gallery of images for its custom-printed acoustic treatments, SonicPrint. Partnering with independent artists, such as Waugh, was a natural next step for the company to provide its users with additional design options.

“Signing independent artists to contribute to the diversity of Auralex’s SonicPrint products is a great progression to the line,” said Dave Paxton, director of operations for Auralex Acoustics. “We are now able to provide another avenue for independent artists to display their authentic artwork, while also giving our consumers acoustical treatments that go beyond stock images.”

Waugh is one of the most recognizable and collected young painters of fine art originals among both private and corporate collectors throughout North America. Waugh’s artistic themes embrace the excitement and energy of urban life, romance, music, pets and still life, and reflect his own heartfelt passion for the arts and his appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Not content solely with studio painting, however, Waugh also takes his art to the people with live painting performances at upscale events from New York to San Francisco and from Montreal to Miami.

SonicPrint custom-printed, artistic ProPanels (ELiTE and Custom) are fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels designed as artwork. SonicPrint is also available for Auralex’s ELiTE Custom Fabric System (CFS). For the home theater and recording enthusiast, this exclusive offering opens the door to numerous décor options, as the acoustical panels are camouflaged under the design of the customer’s choice. Users are no longer limited to single color fabric choices, and can now outfit any space with paintings, drawings and photography of any kind. Auralex is currently negotiating several licensed properties to provide additional graphic options.

All independent artists can be viewed at Auralex Acoustics’ new dedicated micro-site,  under the Independent Artists category. Users can also upload digital personal photography and/or corporate logos to the company’s website to be printed directly onto Auralex’s exclusive, first-to-market custom-printed, artistic ProPanels.