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Austere Joins ProSource as New Vendor

Offerings include home theater cables, clean-and-protect products, and power solutions.

ProSource has announced the addition of Austere as a new 2020 vendor partner. Austere, headquartered in Portland, OR, was created to fill the gap in the technology accessories category, where the choice is either ubiquitous products that easily break and underperform or overly extravagant, antiquated accessories.

Austere is equally passionate about the consumer and its retail partners, which means that everything it creates — from the packaging to the in-store displays to the training and the products themselves — is intentional. ProSource members will have access to the complete Austere portfolio including home theater cables, clean-and-protect products ideal for keeping electronics both clean and disinfected, and its Power Series power solutions. All Austere products have a sleek design and come inside packaging that is impressive on its own. Austere will also provide ProSource members training, a variety of in-store POP options, and more.

“Austere is honored to be a part of such an exceptional industry group and to bring truly differentiated products as well as a success-focused dealer Go-To-Market program to the ProSource members,” says Deena Ghazarian, Austere CEO and founder. “Austere wants to reignite the electronics accessory revenue stream for its dealers. By partnering with ProSource, members will have access to our customizable product line, training, demand generation and support.”

“Over the years I have watched the dollar value decrease in the cabling and accessory category as dealers took the path of least resistance with low-priced commodity solutions,” says Dave Workman, president and CEO of ProSource. “Austere has shown the ability, through training and an exceptional product, to reverse this trend and help members recapture some of this lost business. We welcome Austere to ProSource with a specific goal of bringing additional growth to our members in this very profitable category.”

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