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Australia’s FST to Partner with U.S.-based SpeakerCraft

Sydney, Australia — Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST), provider of FancyPants user interface (UI) technology for consumer electronics, has been chosen by SpeakerCraft for its new line of home media products.

SpeakerCraft is a U.S. developer and manufacturer of home audio and video equipment, primarily in-wall speakers. The company’s new media center products will employ FancyPants as the central element in the user experience, according to FST.

Displaying on the home TV and remote control, FancyPants ties together multiple sources of audio, video, and distributing multimedia throughout the home.

The FST FancyPants software platform provides next-generation graphical UI technology for OEMs and ODMs of consumer and other electronics. The manufacturer’s multimedia capabilities and trademarked “Ruthlessly Efficient” runtime enable device manufacturers like SpeakerCraft to differentiate their products with enhanced user experiences. FancyPants also helps manufacturers maintain margins and achieve aggressive price points by supporting cost-effective hardware and by lowering development and deployment costs.

In the home media center, FancyPants lets SpeakerCraft integrate multimedia content and dynamic visual effects into its UI.

“Fluffy Spider, a clear leader in embedded graphics and multimedia, gives SpeakerCraft the edge needed to engage and excite consumers,” said SpeakerCraft president Jeremy Burkhardt. “The unique capabilities of FancyPants, combined with its incredible performance, make it a perfect solution for SpeakerCraft home media products.”

“It is extremely exciting to see SpeakerCraft build on FancyPants to create multimedia systems that really wow consumers,” added FST CEO Robi Karp. “Our goal at FST is help customers succeed in the global marketplace by delivering innovative, high-performance and profitable products.”