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AVAD Adds Kevo by Kwikset to Home Automation Lineup

AVAD LLC has added Kevo by Kwikset to its home automation lineup of products.

AVAD LLC has added Kevo by Kwikset to its home automation lineup of products. Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology, Kevo allows users to turn their smartphone into a key and access their home without having to fumble for keys.

The intelligent equipment from Kwikset detects if an authorized user is inside or outside the home and grants entry accordingly. Kevo is available on Apple iOS and select Android 5.0 Lollipop devices or through the Kevo Fob, which is included with the deadbolt. The free Kevo app is used for initial setup, locking, and unlocking, sending and disabling eKeys, viewing history of lock activity, and setting up other features and options of the smart lock.

Kevo’s Touch-to-Open technology also “Works with Nest” by recognizing when someone has entered the home and will adjust the Nest Thermostat accordingly. Upon leaving the home, the Nest Thermostat has the ability to switch to “away” temperatures. The latest addition to AVAD’s home automation lineup provides dealers with more solutions through the combination of multiple AVAD products, and in turn, creates an optimal solution for end-users.

“Kwikset technology integrates safety and convenience for homeowners and commercial business owners,” said Hugh Hughes, director of vendor management and purchasing at AVAD. “We are thrilled to carry the latest technology, including the Kevo, which allows our dealers to provide their customers with the best solutions for their home or business through the combined innovation of the many products we distribute.”

Along with mobile compatibility, each Kevo includes an active Bluetooth LE 4.0 key fob that provides the same touch-to-open technology as a registered smartphone. Kevo eKeys allow convenience and security through the Kevo mobile app and fob. Users can send eKeys to family, friends, and guests with Kevo compatible smartphones. Anytime eKey holders have only unlocking and locking capabilities while Kevo owners and administrators have access to purchase, send, disable, and delete eKeys, as well as set date and time constraints for other eKey holders.