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AVAD Collaborates with Savant as Launch Partner

AVAD control and automation dealers across the US and Canada to launch Savant Studio and Savant Central Management cloud-based tools.

AVAD LLC has announced a strategic partnership with Savant to showcase a broad range of smart home products based on Savant Studio and Savant Central Management. For this initiative, AVAD will provide sales, logistics, and support services to their network of dealers in the United States and Canada beginning on August 1st.

Savant has selected AVAD as an exclusive distribution partner for Savant Central Management and Savant Studio, a new cloud-based configuration and management software that simplifies system configuration and that can be deployed remotely from an iPad. It proactively alerts integrators to service opportunities before a problem arises. With Savant Central Management, clients are protected by time-stamped, permission-based secure access to vital systems. The AVAD/Savant partnership will also provide existing Savant dealers with regional access to hardware as well as technical support and customer service due to AVAD’s physical presence in major markets.

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Select AVAD dealers are participating in a pilot program to test the Savant Central Management and Savant Studio, prior to the official launch on August 1st. Program participant, Sharif Jackson of Media Wiring Solutions explained his experience: “I found the iPad app for Savant Studio to be very user friendly. The set-up process, problem detection and resolution, and deployment of the system was very efficient. Savant allows me to send my technicians to install equipment with a clear roadmap. Using the Savant Central Management tool makes it easy to troubleshoot and make changes to a system without going into the field.”

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