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AVAD Continues to Grow ‘Works With Nest’ Lineup with LIFX

AVAD LLC will expand its 'Works with Nest’ product offerings to deliver more home automation and safety solutions to integrators.

AVAD will expand its “Works with Nest” product offerings to deliver more home automation and safety solutions to integrators through its new vendor partner LIFX (pronounced life-ex), which provides efficient and versatile Wi-Fi LED light bulbs.

Combined with the Nest thermostat, LIFX bulbs can automatically turn lights on and off to make it seem as if someone is home. If used with Nest Protect, when smoke or carbon dioxide are detected, LIFX bulbs can flash red to let homeowners know there may be danger present and help alert those who are hearing impaired.

“The original LIFX Wi-Fi LED bulb is more than just an ordinary LED replacement,” said Hugh Hughes, director of vendor management and purchasing at AVAD. “The ability to integrate LIFX with Nest products brings LIFX into the security category as a unique safety product. LIFX is another example of our commitment to delivering to our dealers the latest technology and simple integration for home automation. Combining LIFX with other ‘Works with Nest’ products, integrators now have a plethora of automation and security options to offer their customers.”

“Works with Nest” makes it possible for Nest devices to securely interact with many AVAD integration products to effortlessly deliver personalized comfort, safety and energy savings to the homeowner. AVAD “Works with Nest” products include Lutron and RTI, with more brands coming soon.