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AVAD Distributes Peerless-AV Outdoor TVs, Soundbars

AVAD has formed an exclusive launch partnership with Peerless-AV and the UltraView Outdoor TV and the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar.

AVAD has formed an exclusive launch partnership with Peerless-AV and the UltraView Outdoor TV and the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar.

Completely weatherproof, Peerless-AV’s UltraView TVs allow homeowners to add digital entertainment to their outdoor living spaces. Available in 49, 55, or 65 inches, the TVs are equipped with an LED backlight to provide full HD 1080p resolution for bright and crisp visuals. The UltraView TVs also feature an IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof universal remote that can be programmed to control up to three additional devices.

Like the UltraView TVs, Peerless-AV’s Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar (SPK-060) is meant for homeowners looking to maximize their outdoor audio experience. The Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar produces full range audio (50Hz – 20kHz) and 60 watts of power to produce higher quality sound at a higher volume. With an IP65 rating, the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar is able to withstand most climate and weather changes.

“With summer right around the corner, AVAD is thrilled to offer this new line of outdoor TV solutions, including the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar,” said Jon Zabel, director of sales and vendor management, AVAD. “This innovative line allows us to provide our customers with reasonably priced, quality options. AVAD is pleased to be able to provide dealers with the latest top of the line technology for their residential and commercial clients.”

The UltraView TVs are functional for all seasons, built with weatherproof internal speakers and the ability to operate at a range of -24 degrees F to 122 degrees F. With a fully sealed design, there is no need to change filters or service the TV, creating—what Peerless-AV claims to be—a maintenance-free entertainment solution for year-round use. Installation of the UltraView TVs is best suited for shaded outdoor areas, out of direct sunlight.

The Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar features a universal mounting option, and with a direct wired connection, set-up is relatively simple. The Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar can also be used as a standalone product thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility, which allows for music to be wirelessly streamed from any Bluetooth-enabled device. 

“To have the ultimate outdoor experience, it is essential that consumers have access to quality products that will suit their multi-faceted needs,” stated Earl Naegele, director of professional sales, Peerless-AV. “In the AVAD team, Peerless-AV has found a great partner that will help us accomplish this mission. We are proud to have them on board as our exclusive launch partner for our newest line.”

Peerless-AV’s 49-inch and 55-inch UltraView TVs and the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar are available from AVAD as of June 1, 2016. The 65-inch UltraView TV will make its debut in July.