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AVAD Introduces Integration Partner Program

The distributors new initiative seeks to bring vendors together for the sake of seamless interoperability.

Van Nuys, CA–AVAD has unveiled its new initiative called Integration Partners, which strives to improve interoperability among the distributors roster of home technology manufacturers. The company said the program benefits consumers and installers alike by fostering products that play well with one another, so components can be used together for seamless installation and operation.

Examples of the program in motion include the following scenario of AVAD manufacturers working together: A Pronto TSU9600 universal controller integrates with Escient Fireball media servers, whole-house lighting products from Lutron and iPod media, resulting in a seamless control experience for the end user–and ease of programming and design for the custom installer.

So far, according to AVAD, it is the only distributor within the custom installation industry whose network of manufacturers work together to create fully integrated systems and solutions. This cooperation among manufacturers makes products easier to use, easier to install and service, and enhances customer satisfaction. Several of the AVAD manufacturers have joined the initiative. Installers can tell which manufacturers are supporting interoperability by looking for a new AVAD Integration Partner logo labeled on products from integrated vendors.

We believe this program is unique in the industry. Individual manufacturers often have technology partner programs, but they are focused only on their product line. AVAD has the ability to broker these engineering-level relationships with dozens of disparate vendors and product types. The end result will be more scalable, easier to install systems with high levels of functionality. From the flat panel display to the media server to the distributed audio system and the lighting controls, everything will work seamlessly together. And the work is pre-engineered so our dealers can have confidence the outcome will be successful and repeatable, said Bob Gartland, President of AVAD, LLC.

Ultimately, we believe that our Integration Partners initiative will not only create scalable systems and increased profitability for our customers, but also provide a better, more reliable end user experience, Gartland added.

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